Baby Formula Recall Affecting More Families

Monday, September 27, 2010 - 4:50pm

The Texas Department of State Health services says that, across the state, 150,000 infants are contracted to get the recalled Simlac through the WIC program - and one family we spoke with is outraged.

"Words can't describe how upset I am at this situation," said Joseph Long. He fed his ten-month-old daughter formula included in the recall.

"We opened it, started giving it to her, all of a sudden she started getting sick."

The company Abbott recalled 5 million canisters of its Similac baby powder formula last week. They say a beetle could have gotten into a manufacturing plant, possibly contaminating some of its product. Joseph says his daughter had stomach problems, wouldn't take her bottle, and was acting fussy. Although he's glad it wasn't worse, he still wants to know how this could have happened.

"Who's watching out for these babies?" Long asked.

"Especially formula that's being consumed by infants, it's extremely important and is our top priority," said Bertha Amaya, the patient services coordinator for the WIC program here in El Paso. Locally, WIC provides assistance to 48,000 families.

Amaya said they've checked their shelves and made sure they aren't giving out the recalled formula- and says families need to do the same at home.

"More than likely they have received some of this formula," she added.

Long has since switched to Similac liquid formula, which is not included in the recall. He said his baby is doing much better.

"She's back to her normal self, smiling, playing, not fussy or cranky," he said.

Once again, the recall only affects certain lot numbers of the Similac powder formula. To find out if your container is included in the recall, visit

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