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Attention Shifts From Billboard To Tweets


POSTED: Friday, June 10, 2011 - 5:16pm

UPDATED: Sunday, June 12, 2011 - 2:13am

ALAMOGORDO - An Alamogordo man put up a billboard, accusing his ex-girlfriend of having an abortion, but now some of the focus has shifted from the billboard to his computer.

Greg Fultz admits that a lot of his tweets are offensive to some people. But he says he shouldn't be villianized for his sense of humor.

The billboard on a busy Alamogordo road has caught a lot of attention. It shows a picture of Fultz holding up the outline of a fetus, and says, "this would have been a picture of my 2-month old baby if the mother had decided not to kill our child."

Fultz says his pregnant ex-girlfriend told him she lost the baby, but he has other suspicions. He put up the billboard - he says - to help heal. Now his ex is challenging the billboard in court.

But when we sat down with Fultz, we didn't just ask him about what he's published on a busy street. We wanted to know about what he's published on Twitter. Especially because some of the comments are off-color to say the least.

"Some would just say they're downright offensive," Fultz admitted.

On October 19th, Fultz wrote, "Hmm probably not a good thing that all my fantasies end in unspeakable violence."

On March 31st, he posted, what do you do if you see your ex running around in your front yard covered in blood and screaming for help? Stay calm, reload, and try again."

June 1st, he wrote, "What do you tell a woman with 2 black eyes? Nothing. She's already been told twice."

"I have a dark, twisted sense of humor, it's well-known, and I don't hide that online," Fultz said when we asked him about these tweets. Despite coming off as dangerous - Fultz doesn't apologize for it. Just yesterday he wrote, in part, "I may be disturbed but I'm no criminal."

"I've received numerous harrassments, I've received death threats, threats of physical violence," he said.

But he doesn't seem to mind the publicity. Just two days ago, Fultz wrote, "I'd love to know all the places you see my story in so mention me and the place to let me know all of the corners of the world that I'm in."

"If people don't like my content and what I say, they don't have to look at it," Fultz said.

We asked his attorney today if he was worried that these posts would hurt their case as they fight to keep the billboard up. He said the only thing the posts may hurt is Fultz's public image.

We also tried reaching out to his ex-girlfriends attorney, but we haven't received any calls back.

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it is not right the way he went about it, he
should have known better then to go and put it
on a bill board and he should have realize that
the whole issue was going to go overboard, he only made a complete fool of himself to millions
of people viewing his joke as he said himself.
Some people are just to much locos.

Fultz's ex-wife has just given an interview. Interesting reading...


you are getting closer to the real Greg. keep digging.

Mr. Fultz not only has difficulties with his girlfriend but with his grammar and spelling as well. First off, there is no such word as "villianized" and if there were, it's root word would be "villain" not "villian".

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