Athletes dedicate run to Boston bomb victims

Athletes dedicate run to Boston bomb victims
Thursday, April 18, 2013 - 2:49pm

"We're not defeated and we continue as stronger and better runners." - EL PASO RUN

The El Paso running community honored those who were effected by the Boston Marathon bombings on Thursday with a six-mile run through El Paso.

They may use their legs every day, but with this run, they used another part of their body.

"You run with your heart," Karla Parra, a runner from Austin, TX said. Parra and El Paso Run President, Tony Aun told us they did not compete in this year's Boston Marathon, but they know what kind of dedication it takes to compete in a marathon that draws in the best runners in the country.

"That's like the grand daddy of all the marathon races," Tony Aun said.

They dedicated their run today to all of those effected by the Boston Marathon bombings and asked members to wear the official t-shirt.

"To do something like that to innocent people is just senseless. I don't understand," Parra said. About ten El Paso Run members competed in the race, almost all of them finished, except for a couple because the bombings happened right before they crossed the finish line.

Three people and dozens were injured in the bombings. "Outrageous, it's an outrage, that you know. That shouldn't have to happen when people are just to celebrate the spirit it's for the running," Aun said.

The bombings have not completely dampened their spirits and another runner with the club, Salvador Almeida told us, "We're not defeated, and we continue stronger and better runners."

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