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ATF: Weapon Used In Mexico Attack on ICE Agents Purchased in US


POSTED: Monday, February 28, 2011 - 10:14pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 9, 2011 - 4:19pm

LANCASTER, TX- There's new information tonight regarding that deadly shooting.  Federal officials say at least three guns were recovered at the scene, with one those being traced back to the United States.

The weapon that was traced is commonly known as the pistol version of the AK-47 rifle.  And ATF says it was purchased right here in Texas.

It was just about two weeks ago that ICE agents Jaime Zapata and Victor Avila were attacked in Mexico.  Zapata was killed in the attack, and Avila was wounded.

Today, ATF arrested three men in the town of Lancaster, just south of Dallas, saying the trio bought the AK-47 pistol used in the attack.

Mexican law enforcement says the investigation into the attack is ongoing, and more arrests could be made.

The AK-47 pistol is a popular weapon used by drug cartels.  Local gun dealers have told us that it's equally popular here in the Sun City, with one man having sold hundreds over the last two years.

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Mexico is fighting a war that addicts here in the U S created and its 90% of weapons seized in Mexico are from the U S I dont know where you get your info but its incorrect.Mexico should just legalize drugs so all does addicts here could get high and make Mexico clean from narco violence I could see it now a bunch of white kids high in Mexico

its 90 percent that are seized are U S made not 10 percent Its easier for the Cartels to buy guns from U S and take them into Mexico remember guns and dollars go south only dope comes North

As long as one gun can be traced back to the US that absolves Mexico of any responsibility to or for her citizens. Blame the United States first, the oldest game in the book unfortunately we have an administration that is willing to play that game. If they never used another gun from America it wouldn't change a damn thing in Mexico right now.

About two years ago, back when the ATF and everyone basically reported that 98% of guns seized are from Mexico. A local station reported that it was actually 98% of TRACEABLE weapons are seized in Mexico and traceable weapons make up less than 10% of ALL weapons in Mexico. SO, less than 10% of ALL weapons seized in Mexico come from the US. How does the ATF and Calderon explain the other 90% of ALL weapons that are seized in Mexico? All this is, is some VERY poor, and VERY bias reporting.

Every country is responsible for its own customs and border protection.

Why is it we are not only protecting whats coming into the U.S. but now we have posts to check things going into mexico from the U.S.
So some how they managed to get the U.S. to pay and take care of their own northern border security instead of themselves.

Any other country would have told mexico to blow it out their rear and to take care of their own problems but not us.

I can just hear the Jerk Calderon saying, I told you so, the US is supplying not only the weapons for mexicans to kill each other, but for the US agents to get shot as well. When will he understand that in the United States you are free to buy weapons(not automatic), and if they make their way south, its a market driven activity. Not the gun dealers fault at all. "IF YOU OUTLAW GUNS, ONLY THE OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GUNS" kinda remind you of our south of the border neighbor?

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