"Assault On Our Shores" : Obama Visits Golf Coast


POSTED: Friday, May 28, 2010 - 4:20pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 28, 2010 - 4:39pm

President Obama tours Gulf Coast as BP reports progress staunching flow of oil...

Venice, LA (NBCNC) -- On Friday, President Obama returned to the Gulf Coast for the second time since oil began pouring into the Gulf.

The visit comes as teams continued to try and get control of the spill.

There is confirmation now that BP has tried a second measure on the floor of the gulf to try and take control of the leak.

First from the air and then from the beach, President Obama took a closer look at the spill Friday.

Rigs in the distance an ominous reminder of the tragedy here.

“For every resident, this has crushed dreams that they've worked hard to build,” said the President.

Thirty-eight days since this began with growing criticism of his administrations response and management of the disaster, the President looked to send a message from the Gulf.

“this is our highest priority,” the President said.

As the President worked on public perception and pushed for solutions, engineers continued their work on the floor of the Gulf.

We now know that crews have used what BP executives have called a "junk shot" shooting debris, including small rubber balls into the fractured well.

"Phase two yesterday was to pump bridging material into the blowout preventer to try and create a bridge to the flow that appears to have met with at least partial success," said BP C.E.O. Tony Hayward.

The plan is to follow-up with more thick mud which BP now says will take longer than first expected.

"I think we need to recognize the we have a plan of work, that would take through another 48 hours before we have a definitive view, what I would say that while we are pumping mud there is now oil and gas coming to surface," Hayward said.

A dark thick mess that has been flowing for more than a month and is now beginning to coat the southern edge of Louisiana.

BP engineers say at times the top kill is blocking any oil from escaping into the Gulf but stress that is sporadic and that the process is far from over.

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