Asarco Stacks to come down April 13th

Asarco Stacks to come down April 13th
Monday, February 25, 2013 - 10:35pm

The Asarco Stacks will come down on April 13th. According to Roberto Puga, the Asarco site trustee, they're making sure it's done safely.

"It's not really like we're blowing them up in place," Puga said. "We're essentially blowing a hole at the bottom of the stacks that will cause them to fall just due to gravity and upon impact, they'll break apart".

To make sure the public's questions are answered, a meeting is being held on Tuesday, February 26th at the El Paso Main Library.

There, Puga will talk about how they'll keep dust to a minimum, what roads will be blocked off (including Interstate 10) and where the public can watch the demolition.

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