Army Scouts take part in competition to be named best at Fort Bliss


POSTED: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 - 6:54pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 14, 2013 - 11:21am


The Iron Scouts winning team is from 1st Battalion, 13th Cavalry Regiment; 3rd Brigade, 1st Armored Division. They are Staff Sgt. Donald Adkins, Spc. Travis Reis, Spc. Gage Smith, Spc. Ryan Anderson, and Spc. Randall Rich. 

Twenty Fort Bliss soldiers took part in a competition to be the best at Fort Bliss. Winners will move on to compete to be the best in the U.S. Army.

"I love it. There's a lot of pride going on around here. Everyone really wants to win and represent 1st Armored Division," said Spc. Ryan Anderson

Scouts put their skills to the test hoping to be called the best scout at Fort Bliss.

"I'm out here to prove that 2nd Brigade has the best scout team out there and that we're gonna take this competition hopefully by storm," said Spc. Jason Greenelee.

The scouts were divided into teams of five for the two-day competition.

First, they went through a physical challenge, including a five-mile march.

"That was tough. It was real tough… really physically demanding but with good team work, we made it through,” said Spc. Michael Parks.

Then, leaders evaluated the scouts on their ability to direct an strike onto a target, identify enemy and friendly vehicles, and their proficiency with different weapons.

Cpt. Adrian Tomilson said scouts are one of the most important parts of a mission.

"Basically what they're doing is providing real time intelligence to the commander so he can decide the best course of action to accomplish his overall mission," said Tomilson. "Scouts move forward before anybody else. Before we can move as a main body, we have to know what's out there."

Tomilson said they provide something that technology can't.

"These scouts are human beings. They can think and most importantly they can access the situation and they can use common sense which a machine can't do," said Tomilson.

He said El Paso is the perfect place to train and compete because the terrain is similar to Afghanistan and Iraq.

"One of the greatest things about being in the United States Army is that we're prepared to fight anywhere and this offers the best training for anybody preparing to deploy to the Middle East," said Tomilson.

The winning scout squad will represent Fort Bliss at the Gainey Cup competition at Fort Benning, Georgia in March.

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