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As kids, many of us dreamed of being able to actually soar through the air like a bird. There's a soldier stationed in Arizona who is making that dream a reality...

Did you ever wish you could fly?

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Ben Borger says "it's one of those things you dream as a kid you can fly."

This guy did and he does.

He's Staff Sergeant Ben Borger of the U.S. Army Parachute Team.

Staff Sgt. Borger says "I've been skydiving for four years."

But he doesn't just sky dive. With the help of this special wing suit he actually soars through the air like a bird.

Staff Sgt. Borger says "I jump from C-17 wearing a wing suit, with oxygen equipment. This is the first time, in the U.S.-wise it's never been done."

Going for a world record at the Yuma Proving Ground, Borger makes his jump and pushes speeds of 100 miles-per-hour.

Staff Sgt. Borger says "we were shooting to jump from 35,000 and go for 13 miles plus, but because of precautions we were only able to to jump from just over 25."

He's been getting ready for this flight for more than a year and right before lift-off had to breathe oxygen for a half hour to get ready.

Borger also has extra material on to help him cope with the below zero temps up from the high altitude.

After his big jump he free falls for 200 seconds then cruises ten miles through the sky as those on the ground, including his proud mom watch on.

Mr. Borger's mother says "he's always lived life on the edge, there's nothing he can't do."

When he's finished the real-life Batman parachutes down and arrives to the clapping hands of his comrades and other spectators.

And in the land of the free and the home of the brave this brave one proves in America any dream is possible, even flying

Borger didn't break the 12-point-four-seven mile world record today because of some restrictions, but plans to make another attempt in the near future.

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