Arizona Immigration Law: Supporters


POSTED: Sunday, May 30, 2010 - 3:20am

UPDATED: Friday, July 23, 2010 - 6:31am

Phoenix, AZ - Thousands of people from around the country gathered in Arizona Saturday to support the state's new immigration law.

"We wanted to show our support for Governor Jan Brewer. We wanted to show our support for the courage of our legislatures to stand up and to enforce federal law to protect our border."

The "Stand With Arizona Rally" was a grassroots event organized to encourage support for the immigration law and Arizona businesses.  The night was filled with several speakers.  Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was among them...

"The minute that law takes effect I'm going to enforce it like we've been doing with the other two laws, the human smuggling laws and the employer sanctions laws."

Holding signs and waving flags, they rallied to give a loud voice to what they feel is not being heard...

"We've always been a nation of laws. We cannot have a sovereign nation without borders either. We're the only country in the world where we're expected to just have everybody come and go as they please and do whatever they want."

Fed up with current border policies, they hope their cries will be heard...

"I'm hoping that we'll simply have our border secured. That they will take up in Washington immigration reform which needs to be addressed."

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I'm a little disappointed that when you look at the news or videos that come out on the internet that there are more protesters against the Arizona Law while the supporters, when they march in favor of the Arizona Law, are a lot fewer. I guess when you don't have to work you have time to protest every day of the week. Wow I wish I didn't have to work, but I have to along with many other Americans so we can pay taxes to give all these protesters free benefits. And this is the thanks we get.

If Mexico doesn't want their own people, what makes Mexico believe WE want their rejects? Profiling, so what. The U.S. has been the "melting pot" for way to long. I believe the U.S. should be like Austrialia and NO ONE gets to live here unless they have a preapproved NEEDED Trade that benifits the U.S.
Let's STOP Giving away monies due to U.S. citizens. Speak English. NO television or radio in Spanish/Mexician. They want it...Return to Mexico.

The sign said it all - what part of illegal don't you understand - why do people think because the Mexicans get into America they should be granted our rights and privileges. How is sending someone out of the country that came here against the law a civil rights violation. I am one NC resident that is behind you AZ Whoop Whoop

kudos to Arizona, I believe in the immigration law. I believe that everybody has "rights' but not if it's going to stomped on AMERICAN's right LOVE AMERICA

We should immediately move thousands of the military to the borders while building a wall to stop these law breakers. Our government should also profile and remove all illegal espanics thoughout the country. If we did this this profiling on a country wide scale this serious problem would be resolved. Once this is done Americans of all races can look at Mexicans and know they belong here.

Want to support Az's new law? BUY products from Az. It is called a buycott. Put your mony where your mouth is :)

People flock to our country for all the benefits our veterans died for. Then they aim to tear apart the laws that protect it. Shame on them, shame on Mexico for not caring about them.
America should CHARGE Mexico $100,000. for the care of each one of these poor people it has forced to flee to America. $200,000. for each one of their children. And $500,000. for each one that's being supported in JAIL.

Gov. Brewer and Sheriff Arpaio you have more supporters then you know,when push comes to shove I and hundreds of Veterans from Vietnam,Iraq and Afganistan will support you all the way to the White house if need be. I read the entire law today and it took me 30 minutes,all anyone has to do is read the law. We need to get our country back,start doing what you have vowed to do eventually we will get our country back. What is Mr. Obama really afraid of??.

Three Cheers for the supporters. Now Mr. President put 50,000 troops on the border, and give us back our country.

I support Arizona Law 100 percent. Wake up Texas and get us there soon...I am sick of standing in line at the grocery store and have individuals purchase groceries with foodstamps and load them up in a vehicle with Chihuahua plates. Also when at a doctor's office they hand out their Medicaid card, leave in a car with Chihuahua or Durango plates.

@WhatsA - I totally agree and thats what the protesters that dont agree with the AZ law happily ignore. NOt only that they ignore how our economy system is set-up. We pay taxes to keep schools open and the roads paived for progress. Whats funny is i can't wait for them to start paying for everything like we do and get denied certain programs like most of us do. Then they will see how illegal un-documented immigrants takes it toll on us.

the arizona dont listen what the protester said.the people who dont support the immigration law.are the who are illegal.they come here illegal so accept the consequences.

Way to go Arizona. It is your state, you have the right to make laws that protect your state against those that choose to break the law... Illegal is just that, Illegal, regardless of where they came from.

i support arizona immigrarion law .and i hope some state do the same.if they want to come in the US,THEY NEED TO OBEY THE LAW WHAT EVER IT IS? AND LEARN ENGLISH.BECAUSE OF THE ILLEGAL ALL THE STATE RUN OUT OF MONEY..

Go Arizona!! Save our country!!!!

I wonder if it is O.K. for the USA Border Patrol at USA/Mexican border to ask Mexicans if they have their papers?
Would that be racial profiling too?

If not...
Why can't the police in Arizona do the same?
If you are legally in the USA?
Don't you carry your Driver's License at all times anyway?
Isn't it Federal Law that you carry your Green Card or Permanent Resident Card with you at all
times? If you have a Green Card/PR Card doesn't that permit you to get a Driver's License?

You make too much sense. Unfortunately it has nothing to do with the law. Sinister forces, (LULAC, La Raza) dont give a damn about the law. They want our land. Everybodys land. White, Black, Hispanic. Don't matter. We don't count. Only they count and they will not give up until they succeed or we kick their ass out of here. I'll take the latter. How about you.

Actually naodave those "sinister forces" like LULAC and La Rasa are really civil rights activists such as MLK back in the day. I am Hispanic and you do have your right to say whatever you want but really a person as arrogant as you says that Mexicans want "your" land is downright demeaning. No one owns this land, in reality you are of immigrant decent unless you are a Native American, but to my main point you have no idea what life is life in Mexico and yes I support the bill but how about you.. in Mexico for a few days and let’s see you run your ass back here. I support the bill because those who don't have papers can't work thus not supporting to the economy with taxes and as well the drug smuggling and violence that run right through Arizona. If you would take the time and read SB1070 it wants to stop all these problems, they don't just want to do this because they want to keep them out. Hell that’s why we allow anyone the right to life, liberty and pursuit of Happiness.

You know i have seen Mexico I blame to governments of both countries. US for not having the back bone to enforce our laws and possibly helping Mexico and the Mexican government for being so fricking scared of drug lords and letting them ravage its country. Mexico is a beautiful country. I say start rallies and urge the Mexicans and the Mexican government to take back their country. Then most of the Mexicans would want to stay there and not risk jail to come to the US.

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