Arizona Immigration Dispute Inflamed by Shooting


POSTED: Saturday, May 1, 2010 - 5:01am

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 5, 2010 - 8:18am

Arizona - Latino activists are gearing up for protests around the country to show their opposition to Arizona's immigration law while supporters of the crackdown point to an incident in Arizona last night.

A huge manhunt for five suspected Mexican drug smugglers is underway after a sheriff's deputy was wounded during a shootout about 60 miles south of Phoenix.

More than 200 officers took part but the suspects eluded them...

"The fact that they were waiting and ambushed our deputy is very concerning."

The deputy, Louie Poroll, had only a superficial wound, was treated at a local hospital and sent home.

The shooting only heightens the fears of many that Mexico's drug wars are spilling over into Arizona.

Governor Jan Brewer, who signed Arizona's tough new immigration law last week, sent out a twitter message Friday night.  "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Pinal County deputy shot during a stop.  Contracy to what some leders say, our borders are not secure.

Before this incident, Sheriff Joe Arpaio had a task force in Phoenix rounding up suspected illegal immigrants.  He's not waiting for the new immigration law to take effect.  Sheriff Arpaio denies he's racially profiling...

"We don't racial profile. I'm an equal opportunity guy. I lock everybody up. I don't care what color their skin is."

Latino activists are suing the state over the new law and urging Americans to boycott Arizona, even if it hurts pocketbooks there...

"We hope this propels this state to the shocking realization of what their state government has done."

Other activists are planning marches and rallies later today. Those May Day protests are expected to draw hundreds of thousands of people into the streets from Los Angeles to Washington D.C., to in Arizona."

As the immigration debate escalates, Arizona law enforcement officers continue hunting the gunmen who shot that deputy.

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all you un-documented law-breakers go to iran or north korea ---cross their border and see what you get---i bet it isn/t food stamps

Obama must really thing he knows whats good for us. How about instead of winging the presidency, you actually protect the citizens of the United States. Enforce immigration law!

Why does everyone in government seem treat Mexicans like 2nd rate people that cannot take care of themselves?

I am so pleased to hear that the Governor of Az. is making hard choices to aid citizens and residents. Thats what our government is supposed to do.

This situation is bigger than the illegal aliens or US citizens and legal residents, Its about maintaining this country. We have the duty and sometimes the burden of keeping it alive for future generations.

Since when do illegal immigrants have the right to make demands and tell us Americans (legal US citizens or residents of any nationality or race) how to run our country? If illegal aliens waited in line like many other LEGAL immigrants and went through the proper channels they would have a say in this country. Of course the law breakers are in favor of more law breaking.

We are going to lose our country folks!! This must be stopped soon.


Fight for illegal immigrants....100k in legal fees
Fight for illegal drug runners....even more legal fees
Fight for un-documented workers that don't pay taxes.....lost count of legal fees

Not caring about our fellow country men in uniforms that protect and serve this country............PRICELESS

I give a big cudos to gov. brewer WE need her in my state of colorado its becomeing a big cartel hub for trafficking drugs we need this to stop I thank her for getting things started. These people need to be put in jail for comeing here illigally if we commit a crime we are put in jail they are committing a crime comeing into our country illigally so they need to be put in jail too.

Why are latino activists sueing the state over the law? The law is not targeting latinos, the law is for ALL ILLEGALS!!!!! What a great way for the illegals to show they want to be here to better themselves by valdalizing. Im all for a better living for all, but doing legal is the only way. This only proves how importnat the law is. Maybe the latino activists shold be more productive and spend there time helping the illegals get legal.

15% of the AZ prison system is foreign borns and most are in for harsh crimes (murder, sex crimes, weapons charges etc) as the local courts turns over minor crimes to Imigation and Customs Enforcement to expedite them out of county based on the State not being able to pay to lock them up as well. It needs to get better.

That means that 85% of the AZ prison system is non foreign born citizens. Which population should we be more worried about? The one that has a much HIGHER percentage in the prisons or the one that does not?

If this was Minnesota the police would be more inclined to challenge Anglos verses Hispanics. The fact is this is Arizona not Minnesota and there are 600,000 illegals (10% of the state)that have bankrupted AZ. Border hospitals are closing as the hospitals can't say no by law to illegals and nobody is paying their way.

I wish Texas would hurry up with this law.

I drove by the staging area last night and it was good to see the multiple agency response forces working together to seek out the law violating cowards. I can't count the times I have seen illegal immigrants crossing Interstate 8. The law the Governor signed is based on the Federal immigration laws.

Arizona is not doing anything that is not already a law.I do not know what the big fuss is about . I think that we should be able to get the help in this country. The spanish people get the benefits.I am glad to see that Arizona and other state are doing something about this problem.
The border crossing security is a big joke it is a waste of money. The Border patrol can't even defend themselves. The spanish people chase our people and we can not defend ourselves.

Why are these idiots protesting. Look, if someone goes into your house and starts living there would you let them? They didn't ask you for permission, you don't know their criminal history, you don't know what their real intentions are.  The law is not being racist or morally unfair, all it is saying is that if you are from another country and you want to visit/live/work in our country you can do so by obeying the law and applying for the proper paper work (ex. B1/B2 visa, LAPR Card, ect.).

the rabied dog obama is an illegal. democrats are to blame for this infamy.

all u.s. states need to enforce immigration laws now, before they begin to take over u.s. border cities and killing u.s. citizens.
get over it all you bleeding hearts, this is not a racial profiling thing, it's a protecting our country and people thing.

How could they elude 200 agents? The agents have choppers, thermal scopes, etc. This whole story just seems fishy the agent says he was ambushed by 5 heavily armed inviduals and yet they didnt kill him? I think this points more closely to some kind illegal activity by the agent. Let me say im sure there are groups roaming the border who would not hesitate to kill agents. His story just seems a little too convenient for these times.

I love Obama, but hope he doesn't go getting mushy about racial profiling!! He should be more concerned about our southern border being infiltrated by ruthless drug pushing criminals!
If he will be the first time in my long life that I will turn my back on the Democrats and vote Republican!

Was undecided about the law. Too much of a dichotomy to make a choice. I know exactly where I stand now! with the Arizona law enforcement officers. The honest law abiding Mexican citizens have nothing to fear! It's the bad,really stinkong bad guys that Arizona wants to keep out of their state!!

A cop getting shot by Mexicans? In Mexico the cops do the shooting and the robbing!

Mr. Stevens please dont be so ignorant in your statements. There have been many high ranking mexican police officers and officials who have been executed in cold blood for trying to clean up the streets.

I am going to go out of my way to support those businesses. Go Arizona for having the balls to start protecting our borders!

The arresting of illegal invaders isn't tolerated but the shooting of Sheriff's Deputies is.

I recall a Border Patrol Agent was also killed down there by an illegal Alien and his accomplices. I think they sentenced the alien to 40 years. How coome no death penatly for murdering a federal agent?

Another question is: why are the legal American Citizens supporting illegal trespassers and alien criminals in prison with our tax dollars? Why are illegal immigrants not sent back to where they came from instead of continually being let out to remain illegal immigrants, committing more crimes against Americans?!

It is not undocumented persons that are heavily being protested (as long as human rights violations are not being committed - i agree that rules should be followed). It is the racial profiling of ALL people, including the 30% latino population in the state of Arizona that will now be asked for 'their papers' simply because they 'look the part.' Please note WHERE the support is and isn't. All support safety and an end to violence in Arizona. The means right now, however, are unconstitutional.

Additionally, do you think this will REALLY solve the problem? Do you think those that cross the border with visions of violence and drug smuggling are going to suddenly stop because they might be asked for their papers? NO. The violence will continue and an already marginalized group in our society will be further harassed - but this time via arizona state legislation. que pena.

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