Arizona Governor: "No Regrets"


POSTED: Friday, April 30, 2010 - 2:55pm

UPDATED: Sunday, May 2, 2010 - 1:49pm

Phoenix - Arizona's governor has no regrets over signing the state's new immigration law.

Jan Brewer had harsh words for her critics who are boycotting the state and said Arizona is a gateway for criminals entering the United States....

"They are hurting the people that are living here, the people that are employed here in the state of Arizona and we have legal immigrants that are employed by the places they want to boycott and it's wrong. They should boycott and stand up and say boycott drugs because that's what is coming through our unsecured border."

During a television interview, Brewer said Arizonans want to feel safe and secure in their communities and that is why she signed the immigration law.

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I have a real solution for all the illegals there in Arizona. My plan will make the dunder heads that do not like Jan Brewer's Immigration Bill that is exactly like the Federal Bill of which Obama and the congress will not act on. As we know, it costs the State Billions of $ to support these illegals. To overcome this problem the Governor should hire as many Busses as will be necessary to carry all of the illegals and send them to San Francisco CA which is a Sanctuary City. Cheaper than $$$$

Undocumented families are not only Mexican. They are from avery other country in the world.If laws are going to be created to stop this problem,they should include everybody(Irish German,Canadians,Asians Africans,etc,etc),but who is going to enforce then fairly?.If no one,then is racial profiling and unconstitutional.Illegal aliens pay taxes,get no welfare assistance or food stamps.Do not qualify for it!. Most are honest people and whoever commits a crime should be punished.

I am an illegal inmigrant asking you to use common sense and see the real reason behind illegal immigration. Convinience is the reason. You have your cheap labor,your hot spicy senoritas preparing your burritos and pupusas,cleanning your white children's asses and keeping your houses clean. We do not take jobs away from you, they are lost to firms relocating to other countries were there is a beeter way to profit and by your goverment's inabilty to have priorities. Let's not bring Hitler back.

She wont be too happy come the next election :).

Good for you Governor;

Let the mexicans grow sugar cane and, we will buy it convert it to fuel like the argentine's do, eliminating the drug supply, and cutting down our dependence on foreign fuel. Deport all illegals and commense a proper path to citizenship where they become contributors to the tax base and grow our economy. That is exactly how my wife and her family did it, they learned English instantly and became very successful business people. You could be our next "President"....

I am so impressed with governor Brewer, and I support her 100%! We spend millions of dollars on walls, fences and patrols, but we don't support or enforce immigration laws. The illegal immigrants keep trying to bring legal immigrants in to their fight, but legal immigrants followed the law! That's all this should be about.

Don't Boycott Arizona. Boycott Mexico for not controlling their criminals. All states should resolve to uphold federal law and deport illegal aliens. Undocumented residents is a ridiculous appellation.

Undocumented workers are in Arizona because they get jobs. They get jobs because they are needed there. How else would undocumented workers get jobs all the time? Companies risk having to pay fines, but still continue hiring undocumented labor. Why do you think that is?

Also, drugs come across the border because of the large demand for drugs in the US. Without that demand, you would see how fast drugs stopped coming through "our unsecured border'. It is not that difficult to understand

Bottom line is illegal immigrants no matter race are a drain on our national and state economy.
*no sales/state taxes due to Manifestos/other
*Free Medical assistance
*Traffics tickets do not apply to them
*Reason why Identity theft is on the rise
*No social security being paid or Medicare
*Their Children take up public schools system resources
*Plus etc
Catch up Texas and protect youre residents of our fine state like AZ did.

THANK GOD! I only hope Texas has the spine to pass a similar law SOON & STOP the economic burden MILLIONS of ILLEGAL TRESPASSER'S place on the health care,education,judicial & law enforcement infrastructure!SO MANY crimes are committed by illegal immigrants,a MUCH higher percentage than crimes by U.S.citizens,IT HAS TO STOP!The Judicial system & Law enforcement is so bogged down having to deal w/ so many crimes that would NEVER happen if illegals were GONE!LAWS AREN'T SUGGESTIONS!OBEY OR LEAVE!!

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