Apple gets into Digital Textbook Business

Apple gets into Digital Textbook Business
Thursday, January 19, 2012 - 6:06pm

Giant backpacks loaded with heavy textbooks.

"It's really heavy, I don't know maybe like 80 pounds," a student said.

Could be a thing of the past.

"That's actually pretty cool because then you don't have to carry them around," a student said.

Only if students are sold on Apple's new electronic textbook service iBooks 2.

"Well, actually I like writing into my textbooks and highlighting stuff so I don't think I would find that convenient for me," a student said.

"Personally, it would be the best thing I've ever heard in a while," a student said.

iBooks 2 teams Apple with a trio of publishers responsible for 90% of the textbooks sold in the United States.
These electronic textbooks could be more economic at just $15 or less.

"I have a couple of calculus books that I bought not too long ago and now they're out of date. So I lost a couple hundred bucks there and that really sucked," a student said.

Apple says 1.5 million iPads are now in use in education, but in order to use the iBooks 2 each student will also need an $50 iPad.

But, it may not be the money that keeps students from using digital textbooks.
It may come down to turning the page.

"I think it's better when you have the actual textbook because you are able to highlight and make notes and online you really don't have the opportunity to," a student said.

"I like working with a textbook more than I like working on the computer. I get tired," a student said.

Now, it's up to the students on whether textbooks become extinct.

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