Anthony, Texas Celebrates Leap Year

Anthony, Texas Celebrates Leap Year

POSTED: Saturday, February 25, 2012 - 10:46pm

UPDATED: Monday, March 5, 2012 - 9:07am

ANTHONY, Texas - Leap year festivities in Anthony kicked off on Saturday with a festival at the Red Rooster Cafe in Anthony, Texas.

Leap Year festivities have been held every four years in both Anthony, Texas and New Mexico since 1988 when Mary Ann Brown began the tradition after seeing her friends picture in the paper because her birthday was February 29th.

Brown, who was also born on February 29th, pitched the idea to the chamber of commerce and the town. With full support from the town, Anthony quickly became the leap year capital of the world.

This year's celebration almost never happened, after losing sponsors earlier in the year.

The Anthony Lions Club along with the Red Rooster Cafe stepped in to help. The Lions Club took over as sponsor and Omar Burciaga, owner of the Red Rooster, volunteered his parking lot for the festival.

Dozens came out on Saturday to enjoy the classic car show and cheered for their favorites in a burrito eating competition.

The burrito was made with a 17-inch flour tortilla that had three chile rellenos, with a bowl of rice and beans as sides.

For Mary Ann Brown the festival is a tradition she is happy to have.

"It keeps you young because i'm having my 20th birthday and you can do the math pretty easily, you know that makes me 80 years old," Brown said.

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went to the festival on saturday March 3rd, was very disappointed to find only the carnival no craft booths or anything, will not repeat the trip

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