Anthony, NM cleans up after Fourth of July

Anthony, NM cleans up after Fourth of July

POSTED: Friday, July 5, 2013 - 5:25pm

UPDATED: Friday, July 5, 2013 - 5:37pm

The fireworks are gone, the grills have stopped sizzling, and the borderland is back to business the day after Fourth of July. You won't find much in this 15-acre plot of land here in Anthony, NM And that's exactly what city officials planned for. "We made sure that they would work with us as far as picking up the trash and those efforts,” Velma Navarrete, the City Clerk with Anthony, NM said. TNT and Diablo fireworks sat down with city officials months before the Fourth, "And they've been very, very, very cooperative with the city as far as keeping the city clean after the Fourth of July,” Navarrete said. They also agreed to sell fireworks at certain times. "We've been able to sit at the table. Show them what our plan was, ask them about their plan, we compromised on the days and the plan. and it worked out beautifully,” Fernando Viramontes, the Area Manager for TNT Fireworks said,. He also explained why they were more than happy to clean up the firework debris. "I mean it was a coordinated effort that was just outstanding and we're very happy,” Viramontes told us. Over on the Texas side of Anthony, fireworks were banned, but that didn't stop more than a dozen households from attempting to pop off some fireworks. "They were all very cooperative. We explained the rules to them. They were sad but they were cooperative,” Boyd Smith, the Asst. Fire Chief of West Valley Fire Department said. Cooperation seemed to be a key element for the fourth, where aside from one or two wrappers. "All the works worked very well together. The city and the industry,” Viramontes said. Not much else from Independence Day was left behind. Fire officials say they only had one small brush fire that was possibly fireworks related over in Bel Mar, but other than that, no large fires. And officials with Sierra and Providence also told us there were no firework related incidents at the emergency rooms there, so all in all, a quiet night on all fronts.

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