Another Set Back for Controversial New Bar at Hawkins Plaza


POSTED: Wednesday, November 16, 2011 - 2:26pm

UPDATED: Thursday, November 17, 2011 - 9:09pm

EL PASO - It's another blow to the man who's trying to open a bar in a controversial location at an East El Paso shopping center. Neighbors have said they don't want him there. And city leaders are making it clear that they don't either.

David Cooper is trying to open a new bar called the Miami Social House in the Hawkins Plaza, where the Three Legged Monkey is located.

Today city council voted to file a protest with the TABC against giving Cooper's new bar a liquor license.

"I think the idea is that once you start to cluster the bars together you see problems that the neighbors were complaining about. Problems like drunken people, noise, violence, fights and arrests. Those problems will start to increase. Let's face it, people get drunk at clubs," said city representative Steve Ortega.

Cooper says the city is unfairly singling him out.

"The irony is, is was unnecessary for the city to protest. The neighbors already were. What they're trying to do now is throw some weight behind it at their own peril. They will be sued. It's a federal action and it's going to happen," said Cooper.

Cooper has said his bar would operate differently and problems would be a thing of the past. He's installed a high tech surveillance system and says he'll beef up the number of bouncers. In the end it's up to the TABC to decide whether or not to grant Cooper a new liquor license.

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"Let's face it, people get drunk at clubs," This coming from the city rep that got plastered and was shoving his tongue down the throat of a young women as his hands were all over her rear end as an episode of EP TV was being filmed at Club 101 over 2 years ago.

Yah the City is gonna lose to Cooper, they cannot dictate what business can be where unless the zoning regulations are changed and TABC has no authority there and if they did change the zoning laws they would have to fight not only Cooper, Three Legged, and even the Hall that is located there.

Seriously people its a business area if you don't like it then ask the council to give them a tax break to help relocate them else where.

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