Amigo Airsho 2011

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The Navy Blue Angels put on a great show!

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In a similar manner to civilian airlines, there are supporting ground crew as pilots cannot fly without the assistance of other personnel such as engineers, loadmasters, fuel technicians and mechanics. However, some supporting personnel such as airfield defence troops, weapons engineers and air intelligence staff do not have equivalent roles in civilian organizations. Thanks for sharing.
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Heavier than air aircraft must find some way to push air or gas downwards, so that a reaction occurs to push the aircraft upwards. This dynamic movement through the air is the origin of the term aerodyne. There are two ways to produce dynamic upthrust, aerodynamic lift, and powered lift in the form of engine thrust. Thanks for sharing.
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The pure rocket is not usually regarded as an aerodyne, because it does not depend on the air for its lift however, many aerodynamic lift vehicles have been powered or assisted by rocket motors. Rocket powered missiles that obtain aerodynamic lift at very high speed due to airflow over their bodies are a marginal case. Thanks.
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All photos were taken with a Nikon digital D40 with a
300mm zoom lens.