Alleged Victim: "He Totally Took Advantage Of Me"


POSTED: Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 6:22pm

UPDATED: Sunday, November 14, 2010 - 10:12pm

For the alleged victim in this case, it was supposed to be a fun, safe, Halloween one year ago. But she says her trust was betrayed in the worst of ways.

The woman we spoke with says she went out with some co-workers for a few drinks. She says when a police officer, who was also a part-owner of the business where she worked, decided to tag along, she didn't think she'd be in danger at all.

Tonight, after moving away from El Paso out of fear, she's opening up for the first time about what she says really happened.

"He should be a trustworthy person, he's a police officer, and instead he totally took advantage of me," said the woman. Though it's difficult, this woman is ready to tell her side of the story. She asked that we not reveal her identity, so for the purposes of our story, we will call her Anne.

"He said multiple times, 'I'm your boss, I'm going to take care of you, I'm going to take care of you,'" Anne said.

Last Halloween night after working at El Paso Comic Strip, Anne and some coworkers went out for drinks. She says Mark Munoz, a co-owner of the Comic Strip and an El Paso police officer, tagged along and began buying all of Anne's drinks.

"I was very uncomfortable and I even told some of the employees, like, ahh, save me."

Within about an hour, Anne says she felt very sick, like she had consumed something other than alcohol.

"The next thing I know I'm sort of on the brink of blacking out."

That's when Anne says Munoz led her to her car, away from the group, and took her cell phone and GPS system.

"I kept asking for my cell phone so I could call somebody to come pick me up because I felt really weird."

Anne says Munoz, who had also been drinking, forced himself into the driver's seat of her car. She blacked out, and when she woke up, Anne says Munoz was touching her inappropriately.

"I said no, and it hurt, and I tried to turn away, but I couldn't really move."

But Anne says after she asked him to stop, he didn't.

"He said, be a good girl, be a good girl," Anne said. "He kept touching me so all I could do was close my eyes and try not to feel anything."

The next person to see Anne was her roommate around six in the morning, almost seven hours after Anne says Munoz led her away from her coworkers. She doesn't know where she had been taken during that time. But Anne's roommate said Munoz tried to follow her inside.

"She says she heard some strange man banging on the door, like let me in, let me in."

When Anne went to file a police report, she says she didn't get the reaction she thought she would.

"I said his name and he was like, 'Oh yea, I know him, I didn't work with him directly but I had a friend who worked with him. He's a nice guy.'"

She also says many coworkers advised her not to tell anyone because he's a cop.

"I felt like I didn't have anyone on my side."

Anne says investigators found vomit in her car and urine on her dress but not on her underwear. She still doesn't know if any DNA testing was done to see who it belonged to. They also found an ice cream cone wrapper in her car.

"Maybe after he assaulted me and I was passed out in my car, he must've stopped to get an ice cream cone or something."

And that's not all they found.

"Pill capsules that looked like they had been thrown up, and they asked me if I had ever been to Mexico to buy prescriptions."

Anne says she was not given a toxicology test to see if she was drugged. A rape kit was administered, but she doesn't know the results. Now, over a year later, Anne says she's almost given up on the investigation.

"It's shocking and it's sort of discouraging," she said. "It's depressing and it's discouraging."

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Mark Munoz is not co-owner of the Comic Strip. He is not and has never been staff, management or anyones boss at the establishment.

There was nothing in this report that provided enough information to lead to any type of conclusion. The accuser was allowed to remain anonymous while the accused was called out by name in a very public way. No facts were presented except the alleged victims who admitted she was heavily drugged. KTSM owes us better reporting than this.

what is everyone's problem??? Why aren't you giving the benefit of the doubt to Anne, why would she lie, she has no reason. Anyway it happened long time ago (1 year) and this cop should have been found guilty or innocent by a jury, but now the news says he did not show up in court himself. Cops or no cops if he is guilty, punish him big time

And the news channel 9 witch hunt on el paso pd continues.... Go do some real investigative reporting. You pick the El Paso police department to do your so called investigative reporting. You go after the people that easily attract the most controversy because of the nature of the job. Let the facts play themselves out in this case before you try and crucify this officer. Oh how I miss the days of Nick Miller and Felipa Solis. Forget this Wannabe Ryan Seacrest anchor JOKE!!

Journalists are professionals....The community relies on journalists, among other things, to bring wrongdoing to the front. Nick Miller and Felipa Solis would agree. Kudos to the current channel journalists for their unbiased reporting on this matter.

to all cop haters out there next time you need help don't call them...what makes you people think he did it? maybe she felt guilty afterwards and decided to blame him,,it happens all the time...what kind of person goes for ice cream after a rape please people use common sense...maybe shes don't this before maybe she hasn't we don't know, she doesn't sound credible

We like our small town atmosphere, we don't wanna grow! Move it to San Antonio, of course, like Seaworld. So, why suspend Officer Munoz...he is not PROVEN guilty...yet! Wake up El Paso, or do we the people need to 'clean house' with our elected officials? An to you insensitive commentors, what if 'Anne' were your mom, your niece, your wife..or your mom?

What if it was you who was being accused without the benefit of the law following its full course? Is it ok to ignore the Constitution and not allow you to be innocent until proven guilty? What if Munoz was your brother? Would you want him punished before it was proven that he did anything? The law is blind as to who's relative we are talking about. If and when this officer is proven guilty, then punish him. Until then, questions are still being asked about the situation and he remains innocent.

Capsules were found in the vomit? Was she not aware she swallowed capsules? What type of drug were these capsules? Were these capsules intact and not dissolved? What were the results of the rape kit and whose urine was on the dress? A man who just raped her goes to her apartment and knocks on the door? People are already condemning this officer on this evidence?

This lady is obviously desperate for attention, unfortunately, at someone elses cost. The truth, or should I say your lies, will eventually come out in court. You should be ashamed of yourself. What goes around, comes around.

Because the City Manager, Mayor & Chief of police are probably living by the "innocent until proven guilty" mantra. Officer Munoz was indicted after all! We wonder why we are a big city of 750,000 +
and great oppurtunities pass us by,1. Seaworld suggested building a new site in El Paso.Denied by City Council, Seaworld moved the idea to San Antonio. 2. Texas vs the Nation was moved to San Antonio because it "became too big, why limit the
players and exposure to 'lil ole El Paso?

The "innocent until proven guilty mantra", as you call it, is the law of the land. It protects even you from being incarcerated until proven guilty. If you have issues with the El Paso leaders, vote them out. That is also part of the Constitution that protects us as well.

As a police officer, you are not an average citizen.
This is what is supposed to be taught at the academy. As a "peace officer" you are a direct
representative of the police department and the citizens are your customers. Officer Munoz violated his customers trust. Officer Munoz should deserves to be put on NON-PAID leave. Why are we taxpayers still paying his "suspension desk job" salary?

she worked at this business they knew each other

If I worked in a bank..& was accussed of taking money...the bank would prefer/suggest I take leave...not an office job & continue my pay...I have to prove to the bank that I didn't do it, show good faith & trust in the office rules & regulations system so I can obtain my banks confidence again, and vindicate myself, there is a higher standard to portray, after all I
work in a bank im not like the average citizen.
How about Officer Munoz? Who are his customers?

Well I believe her. When you are ashamed because someone took advantage of you, you will have the reaction of looking down most victims do. If you read the story correctly she stated that she felt sick as if she was going to pass out. What are you that blind that maybe just maybe this man who is supposed to be helping people might have drugged her? There are alot of evil men out there and obviously this is one of them. I hope in the end the truth will come out and he gets punished.

Lots of mights in your reasoning. How do you know she is ashamed? Just because she says so? Glad to know your opinion is not the law. Otherwise every man out there would be guilty before proven guilty. I, like you do hope the truth comes out in the end. Undissolved capsules are not in the blood stream yet. Have you asked yourself, how did she swallow capsules without knowing it? I can understand a "worried mom" but don't let that blind you to what really happened. Lets see what else happened.

these people are disgusting. i do believe her. there is no need to lie. that man is a pervert and he needs to serve time, where he belongs!

The fact that a toxicology test was Not performed and that the investigation has gone NOWHERE considering she has a credible suspect shows that there is something going on. With this much to go on, there should have been a real look into what happened. This is ridiculous.

Wow! the comments from romdel1905 & ignorant betty crocker shock the hell out of me. Unless you've been through a trauma like this one no matter who lead who on or what position she was placed in "NO is No" you dumbass. Everything up until the assault gave no reason for yet another cop to break the law and devistate this woman. Get a grip dumbass it could have been your mother, sister, best friend or maybe you eventually from the comments you posted. It will come out in court.

I'm not ignorant you dumbass and i have been through it, but she's lying..if she were my sister i would have kicked her ass for being stupid....just look at her interview the things that she's saying doesn't make sense

For someone that was supposedly raped during the interview process with channel 9, this woman makes a smirk of a gesture when she mentioned that the officer in question may have gone and bought an ice-cream cone after the supposed incident. If someone had gone through the mental trauma of a rape victim, they wouldn't make smirking and or giggling responses from a traumatic experience.If this officer and the woman making the allegations in question are found guilty both deserve a severe sentence.

Obviously neither of you hav ever been sexually assaulted. It's ignorant, narrow-minded fools like you that make it hard for women to speak up when they have been victims. Who cares if she was drinking? That doesn't give anyone the right to violate her.

You are a brave woman to stand up for your rights. As a entity, the El Paso Police Dept. is riddled with corrupt cops! I do not blame you for fearing retaliation.

For all those criticizing Anne, I can only surmise that you have ties to a cop, either by marriage, family relationship, friends or are yourself a cop exercising the brotherhood protection.

Yes, the standard "blame the victim". This creep is supposedly a cop? He's supposed to protect people, not rape them. He's being protected by the system and the attitudes of El Pasoans, who feel that rape is okay because it must be the woman's fault.

All cops are not honest. I think Anne is telling the truth. If a woman feels comfortable enough to drink with friends there should be nothing wrong. She trusted the people she was with. That was the mistake. Don't trust a pig. Men in general will take advantage if they see a woman drink too much. I believe he did drug her to make it easier.

stop talking out of your ass..she knew him plain and simple..they were both consenting adults she just felt guilty of what she did..remember everyone is innocent till proven guilty

Any defense attorney who knows his business will tear these lies apart in court. The only reason the DA had this case indicted is the fact that the defendant is a police officer. The DA needs to prove that he is tough on police officers; pure politics and nothing else. As for KTSM: you need to find something else to report on. Your "victim" is too stupid to even be a good liar. Lindsey Reiser is a giant step back from your outstanding reporting on the Marmolejo case.

@romdel and betty crocker are u serious. are u that ignorant. This lady has no reason to make up this story. What if this was your mother or sister would u still be posting these stupid ass comments? huh? how dare u 2. This makes me sick that we have people in our community that think this way. I hope to god noone in your family ever experiences this EVER!!!!!

obviously your ignorant, she's LYING THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT..yes how dare me and i'm a woman

From the previous posts up top. It sounds like his cop friends are trying to cover it up or discredit her. First they get away with drinking and driving and now rape. They're all a**holes when they pull you over as if they're really enforcing the law, but most of them break it themselves. EP's finest jerkoffs who were bullied in high shcool and now retaliate becuase they get authority over the civilians they're paid to protect.

That stupid mentality is why we keep hearing about sexual crimes against women and girls. Sexual assaults is the only crime I know of in which the victim is so often blamed. We never hear those same comments in murders. They asked to be murdered or robbed. But in the case of rapes, some idiot will always try and divert the blame onto the woman. You are so naive he had the perfect opportunity and he arrogantly believed his badge and likability would make immune to justice. I bet there's others!

Beware everyone, if you get drunk you might get rape....ohh, and you’re stupid because you did it to yourself - well at least according to rmodel1905 & betty crocker. Obviously these people (if they are actually human) do not know about rape victims and their struggles. Nobody deserves to get rape or abuse just because they are drunk!!!! Nobody deserves to get rape or abuse PERIOD!!!!!

omg what is wrong with you people? Are you crazy? Going out and getting drunk is not an open invitation to be drugged and raped. Get real. Your attitudes are the ones that have kept women down for centuries. But not anymore. You go ANNE. He committed a felony and he deserves to be punished. Ignore the idiots who tell you otherwise.

I agree with you that going out and getting drunk is not an open invitation to be drugged and raped. Just one problem. It has not been proven that this happened. You are already convinced that she was drugged. However there were capsules found on her vomit. If they are in the vomit, they are not in the blood stream. How do you force capules on a person without her knowing it? There are yet too many questions left unanswered. Ofcourse its possible he did rape her. It just has not been proven.

There's no way of telling if someone lies. Just letting you know. Everyone lies different. Give her the benefit of the doubt. Just because he's a cop doesn't mean he wouldn't do that. Yes she was drunk but that is no excuse if the cop did do what she said to take advantage of her. You're saying that people shouldn't drink if they don't want to be sexually abused? How about no one should do that in the first place whether the victim is sober or not.

Are you people out of your mind, and don't you have any sense of decency?? Give the woman at least the benefit of the doubt. Neither of you were there either, nor do you know all the evidence. I just pray for you and you your families, that nothing like this happens to your female loved ones, and if it does that they wont recieve the same treatment you gave this lady.

Will you pray for the males in your family too that they don't get accused of such and ugly act and convicted before all the evidence is presented in court? Or how about you? Would you just give in to accusations because you want to give the benefit of the doubt to an accuser, just because she is a woman? What? Women don't lie?

So, "ANNE" did you maybe consent to some of this? Was he totally on you or were you going along with it? Maybe you felt bad the day after. Why did you drink so much? I dont think the cop poured it down your throat. How do you remember if you were passed out? I hope he gets a good defense attorney. He will have a good day in court and leave you speechless. Do you have a boyfriend or are you married that you felt bad because you placed yourself in that position? Hmm sounds fishy to me.

you are an idiot!!!

I totally agree with you...if you see the interview with her you can clearly see that she's lying ...I'm a woman and I'm on his side

yea sounds fishy until it happens to you and no one believes you. i feel sorry for all the women out there that can't say anything because of people like you that don;t believe it until it happens to you then you find yourself crying. well did all those kids put themselves in the position to be molested too? did they encourage the teacher to molest them and wow you sure do move fast not believe her man what is this world coming too.

omg that was a stupid remark you cant compare the two

why did you let yourself get into that position stupid woman..i don't believe anything she has to say...she kept stuttering and looking down during the interview that to me says she's lying

Wow, just by your comments, I can tell you can work as a "human lie detector." Maybe you can go work for our illustrious EPPD. They already have enough questionable characters.

I hope this guy goes to jail and gets a** raped and the two commentors are butt pirates and they sound like woman haters

have you ever been embarrassed about something and what will people think, yea that's what women who have been raped think and feel. even there own families don't believe them and people like you who never have been raped. man i hope you never get called to jury duty just shows us what kind of system we have people already judging even before the trials just why not get rid of jurrors since people like you already have formed your verdicts. hum rapists, murderes, molestors, free to act

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