Alcohol Suspected in Trooper Accident

Alcohol Suspected in Trooper Accident

POSTED: Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 12:06pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 6, 2010 - 10:39am

El Paso - Alcohol may have contributed to a deadly accident involving a Texas DPS officer.

Earlier this week, Kevin Dorman, 35, was driving a motorcycle that crashed on Railroad Drive near Angora Loop in Northeast El Paso.

A passenger, Erica Rivera, 26, was killed in the accident.

Neither was wearing a helmet and today, the Texas DPS told NewsChannel 9 alcohol is suspected in the crash.

Dorman suffered serious injuries and is being treated at Beaumont Hospital.  His condition is not being released.

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Another DPS Trooper who taught he was above th law, and took an innocent person's life.
Just like the man that got hit by the DPS Trooper on Montana, he was lucky to escape with his life.
Had he been in a smaller vehicle, he'd be dead. DPS blamed him right away, but it turns out the Trooper was at fault.
What is wrong with these Troopers? They need to keep their high speed,
reckless driving outside the city limits.
Both Troopers are Idiots with no consideration for the for others.

Citizen and mike, I don't know either of the parties involved. However, what I do know is that they were/are both human beings who made some very poor decisions. For one, they were among the last decisions she ever made. For the other, they were decisions he will have to live with for the rest of his life. Hopefully, lessons will be learned from this tragedy. Your judging them so harshly takes dignity from yourselves even more than it takes it from them.

Comfort to the families.

Why put kevin in anyones prayers? Of all people, him being a trooper should have known better. His stupidity and lack of care for his passenger got her killed, Ive known Erica since Canyon hills middle.....she was so lively, what a sad day.
Her mom, Gabe, Mandy, and mostly her kids, I keep you in my prayers.

This is horrible to hear, being a motorcycle rider myself, I'm not from Texas, and have riding a few times here. It baffles me to have such eratic, irrisponsible, incompetent, out-to-lunch, bird-brained people out operating motor vehicles and to have the law state that there's no requirement for helmets!! I'm not saying her wearing a helmet would have saved her life, considering I don't know what the damages are...

But besides the fact they were both grown adults making an immensely irrisponsible decision. EVEN MORE SO that he was a part of the PD!!!! wtf??? I'm deeply sorry to hear this was an accident, AND to know they could have made a better decision to see another tomorrow, is sad... I hope he pulls through and gets back physically and mentally to his original "self". My prayers and wishes, to the family with the terrible loss. <3 Possibly a new helmet law, at LEAST a requirement for the passengers...

There is a law for all motorcycle passengers to wear a helmet..even if the driver only has 1, he is by law to give it to the passenger since he is the responsible party.

I really hope there are some serious consequenses lined up for this man.

Its tragic that Erica had to die. Shows how dangerous drinking & riding can be. But for a TROOPER of all people to be the responsible party in her death is unacceptable! These guys are the biggest @&&%*@!% on the road and love busting people who do EXACTLY what he did. Hope they throw the damn book at you, you damn idiot!



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