Aggie fans enjoy game throughout town

Aggie fans enjoy game throughout town
Thursday, March 21, 2013 - 7:50pm

The New Mexico State Aggies fell short in their second consecutive NCAA Tournament appearance Thursday that had many fans watching the game throughout town.

The team lost by a final score of 64 to 44 to St. Louis.

"Tough loss but the Aggies will come back bigger, better stronger next year," Miss New Mexico US International Tiffany Mejia.

Getting to watch the Aggies on the national stage proved to be a great experience for fans.

Aggie faithful at Cineport 10 packed the theater with their popcorn in hand watching the game on the big screen.

"It's nice and dark, cool big screen and surround sound," said Lawrence Villa.

The Aggies got off to a slow start and it appeared both teams were having trouble scoring early on.

But with a packed theater, optimism ran high for an Aggie comeback.

"They're just ironing out things right now," Villa said. "They're going to wake up and come back and just do it."

That same hope carried over to campus where students were watching the game at the auditorium inside the student union center.

"Just get past their defense, get in a rhythm and and get it going," said Zach Lefever.

Lefever was with a group of friends enjoying the game cheering on their school with every Aggie highlight.

With high hopes of a victory, everyone seemed to know what a win could do for the team.

"It would really put us on the map it would give us a lot of attention in the media which is what we really need," said Lance Crandall.

As the game carried on the concern grew on the faces of students.

But even with the loss a second consecutive WAC Championship and NCAA Tournament appearance is nothing to be ashamed of.

"I'm really proud of this team," said Steven Garcia. "They tried their hearts out they did their best."

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