Advertisers Use Social Media to Get Ahead of the Super Bowl Ad Showdown

Sunday, February 5, 2012 - 11:38pm

EL PASO- For many viewers, the big game is all about the commercials.
Advertisers put their best foot forward to try and wow the consumer. NewsChannel Nine spoke with a local advertising expert to get his take on what advertisers do to get their message across.

Last year an estimated 111 million people watched the Super Bowl , according to the Neilson Company. That's a lot eyeballs for advertisers to reach. Now big corporations are using social media sites to generate buzz about their ads. Millions of people can comment and view the commercials before they even air.
A thirty second commercial during Super Bowl runs advertisers at about $3.5 million and that can go a long way when people are spreading the word for you.

"They are forwarded on to social media sites so then you see them on Facebook, on twitter. People are searching them and asking oh did you see it? No. Ok. So they post it on the Facebook page," said Gabriel Acuna, the president of the Advertising Federation of El Paso.He's says big corporations are learning how to get the biggest bang for their buck. “As long as you put something out there that's of value, that somebody finds it funny, that somebody finds it intriguing, they're going to forward it. "The consumers are passing it along and you can't pay for that type of advertising."

"They have to keep themselves in tune with people are doing and social media is what people are doing," said Michael Hernandez, who watched the game at a house party.

Brands being accessible on social media websites allows for people to give direct feedback to the brand. Acuna says Honda got it right this year with their social media tease that aired a couple weeks ago. "There's all that hype as well so whether it was intentional or not, they're building the hype for Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Honda.” They uploaded the teaser to Facebook and got plenty of reaction from viewers.

Advertisers have found a way to use social media to increase the value of their ads. "So it has this extended life span if you will to where it's not just during the Super Bowl break, it's before, during and beyond."

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