Activating the Anthony, NM Police Department

Activating the Anthony, NM Police Department
Friday, January 13, 2012 - 6:10pm

ANTHONY, NM - The City of Anthony, New Mexico hired a Chief of Police nearly a year ago. A lot of people expected him to be patrolling the street the next day, but starting a police department from scratch takes time. That time is almost here.

"As of right now, I anticipate to officially activate the police department on February 15th," Chief of Police Steven Foldy said.

"I think that would be a really good idea, because I don't think there's enough police around here," Sylvia Lerma said.

The people of Anthony are ready for the police department after a rash of recent crime, including a murder.

"The residents, I think, are somewhat in fear. I mean, how can you go out in the evening hours just to take your garbage out if you're afraid that you're going to be part of a drive-by shooting," Foldy said.

Chief Foldy is building the Anthony Police Department from scratch.

"Though it may appear that there's really not much of anything going on within our city after a year and a half of incorporation, there has been a lot going on behind curtain number three that people are unaware of," Foldy said.

Right now the police department consists of two men. The Chief of Police and the Sergeant, but they're hoping to hire more officers.

"You have to start from somewhere, you know? After that, in a couple more years they can add two more, three more officers," Salvador Solis said.

Chief Foldy also just hired a records clerk, and he's working on getting his new staff trained. In the meantime, the Dona Ana County Sheriff's Office is helping him out, and they'll continue to do so.

"Anything that's a felony, that requires investigation, that will have to be done by the sheriff's department," Foldy said.

The city's so new, they don't have a big budget. Thankfully for the new police department, they've been receiving a lot of help. The Catholic Church in Anthony donated the 140-year old house that's being converted into police headquarters. Inside, there's already two holding cells that were donated by the sheriff's department. Las Cruces police and the sheriff's department also donated the police cars.

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