ACLU applauds insurance rights for same-sex couple in New Mexico

ACLU applauds insurance rights for same-sex couple in New Mexico
Thursday, November 7, 2013 - 10:21pm

The American Civil Liberties Union said Thursday the bulletin by New Mexico Insurance Superintendent calling for equal treatment of same-sex couples by insurance providers is a step in the right direction.

Superintendent of Insurance John Franchini wrote he expects all couples to be treated equally and without any prejudice regardless of gender with all discounts or benefits applying to all.

"It's important for us to see that same-sex couples have the same discounts on their insurance that heterosexual couples have here in the State of New Mexico," said ACLU New Mexico Regional Center for Border Rights Outreach Coordinator Alyssa Telander.

The superintendent will consider failure to comply as unfair business practice and discriminatio while violating state law and the insurance code.

Telander said the statement by Franchini is a sign more people are accepting same-sex marriage.

"The majority of americans across the country are supportive of marriage for same-sex couples as well as the majority of New Mexicans," Telander said.

Telander cited a poll released in October by the "Why Marriage Matters Campaign" in the state, where 53 percent of those polled would vote in support of allowing same-sex couples to legally marry.

While Telander said progress is being made, the final word will come from the state supreme court.
"We really need to see those right clarified and confirmed on the state level so that protections exist consistently for everyone across the state," she said. 

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