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ACA Deadline approaches, El Pasoans upset about rising premiums

ACA Deadline approaches, El Pasoans upset about rising premiums
Sunday, December 22, 2013 - 8:24pm

The deadline to sign up for Obamacare is fast approaching for those who want coverage on January 1st. And, in anticipation of the deadline, President Obama has upped the ante.

Those who suffered from the fallout from the healthcare law can now opt for no insurance or buy a bare bones plan. However, Borderland residents are not impressed and some argue they're paying the price for this controversial law.

The deadline is Monday for those who want coverage on January 1st. But some El Pasoans argue, the Affordable Health Care Act has raised their premiums.

Another hiccup in the Affordable Health Care Act forces President Obama to change the rules - allowing Americans who had their individual coverage cancelled two new choices: Go without insurance or buy cheap, bare bones catastrophic coverage originally meant for young adults.

"I mean, that's my take. It kind of pisses me off a little bit,” David Saucedo and accountant from
West El Paso exclaimed. El Pasoans we spoke with are insured. However, they claim they're paying more for their premiums because the lack of competition in the marketplace.

"I'm frustrated with it, really, to be honest with you. I'm starting off my new year not good because my premium went up,” Bill Zurovetz of Northeast El Paso, who is retired and is insured, said. The controversial law had many scrambling to get insurance or face a fine..

Now, the threat of paying up for not getting coverage no longer looms over Americans heads. However, many El Pasoans are still frustrated with ACA.

"It might make sense right now in the short term but the long term prices are going to go way up and if you have your private insurance, yeah you can keep it but now you're keeping it at a true premium,” Saucedo said.

Leaving many questioning whether the law is sustainable...

"It's just it's, it's too expensive what's going on. It really isn't affordable,” Saucedo said.

"I don't care what kind of insurance you have. It just never gets cheap you never can get anything that's affordable," Zurovetz told us.

Or even worth it.

So far, about 1 million people have registered for insurance. But that's a long way to go for the government, who set an initial goal of 7-million by the end of March.

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