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Abandoned Cars a Problem in El Paso


POSTED: Monday, November 8, 2010 - 5:04pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 9, 2010 - 11:45am

EL PASO- Cars, abandoned on the sides of major highways. Live in El Paso, and you're sure to see at least one a day.

NewsChannel 9's Matt Rivers spent a few hours seeing how many he could find.

Seven cars in three hours, all left on the side of the road. I-10 near Executive had one, the top of Transmountain Road another, and a final one near the border on the loop.

"On a daily basis there could be five to ten vehicles out there that are abandoned," said TXDOT Traffic Engineer Edgar Fino.

Flat tires, blown end up driverless on the roadside for lots of reasons. But there's only two ways to get them off.

"We have the cameras that we use to find the abandoned vehicles and we try to report, or we do report them, to El Paso Police," Fino told us.

TXDOT used to patrol the highways. But funding for that got cut. So now, police head to the car and tag it.

Then they decide how long the owner has to move it, before they come tow it away. It ranges from 10 hours to five days.

The riskier the spot, the faster it's got to be removed.

Left shoulder, right shoulder, or the median in between; TXDOT calls it a safety issue no matter the location.

"They're only separated by a four-inch stripe, so they are very close to the travel lanes," Fino said.

So far, no accidents involving abandoned cars have been reported. But TXDOT says it's only a matter of time, and urges drivers to stay cautious.

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2 days 4 me 2 leave my car would feel like forever but I realize that $ is hard 2 scrape together @ a bad time, but 5 days I think is VERY generous depending location & how it was left parked. When $ is the reason 4 leaving a car there @ least try 2 remove it 2 a slower street off the freeway 2 remove the road hazard. I WOULD ALSO LIKE 2 MENTION THAT WHEN YOU SEE A TOW TRUCK WORKING 2 REMOVE A VEHICLE THAT IS A ROAD SAFETY HAZARD PLEASE PLEASE SCOOT OVER & GIVE US ROOM. WE'RE JUST DOING OUR JOB.

Ready630 says to QUOTE "Put a warning tag 1st & only after the 1st day. Tow tag on the 4th day. Tow on 5th" Do you really think that they have that much time on their hands to be returning to the same vehicle so many times, Police have more important things to be looking out for like speeders, reckless driving, safety violations & tending to accidents just to name a few. I own a towing co. & try to leave my card on as many of those cars to try to help people out. TO BE CONTINUED......

Aside from broken cars that are on the side of the about the ones that are left on purpose on the side of the street by the Free Bridge on Copia street waiting to be cross to Juarez to be sold...this happens every weekend when these cars are brought from out town....Dever...Arizona...Arkansa...etc..
They are an Eyesore for our neighborhood.

I see them once in a while, but I'm sure the owner left only to get help or find a friend to help them. Sometimes it may take a day or so. If you travel the rest of the states you will see that it is not just a Texas thing. Other states have this same problem. Now, five days would be the max a vehicle is left and then it should be towed. I drove 375 the entire lenght and saw only two vehicles broke down. Put a warning tag first and only after the first day. Tow tag on the forth day. Tow on five

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