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81-year-old Crime Fighting Grandmother Catches 2 Burglars in the Act


POSTED: Friday, September 23, 2011 - 7:05pm

UPDATED: Sunday, November 20, 2011 - 2:57pm

EL PASO – A couple of burglars messed with the wrong grandma in East El Paso. Yolanda Croyle is an 81-year-old grandmother who managed to stop two 20-year-old men as they burglarized her home Thursday afternoon.

"If I would have caught him in the house you better believe it, he would have been butchered and he would have no eyes left,” said Croyle. “I would have gotten him, I'm cruel," she said.

And she's proud of it. If it wasn't for her police say the two burglars might have have gotten away. Instead, Sergio Dominguez and David Rivera are charged with burglary.

"She's tough,” said Mrs. Croyle's 13-year-old grandson, CJ.

They were driving home around 2:00 p.m. Thursday when they saw a man running out of their house holding trash bags full of their belongings.

"I dropped off my grandson. I threw him out and I told him to call the police and go to the neighbor," she said.

While her grandson called 911, Mrs. Croyle made a U-turn in her minivan and chased after the robber. That's when she saw him running toward a getaway car parked a few houses down.

Mrs. Croyle said the getaway driver threw the car in reverse. He sped backwards and took out a rock wall. His car then flipped over and landed in her neighbor's driveway. She said Dominguez was pinned inside the car but Rivera kept on running.

"He went that way so I went after him. And he was running and he looks back and sees me he doesn't know what to do," said Mrs. Croyle. She said she rolled down her window and shouted at Rivera.

"I said 'you stop or I'll run you over.'"

That must have been enough to get Rivera come over to her van and she talked him into getting inside.

"He was begging and crying saying 'I don't know why I did this. But let me go. Take me back and I'll pay for for the damage and I'll give you everything back."

Once Rivera was inside she took a picture of his face with her cell phone and asked for his name and telephone number. She said she tricked him into thinking she wasn't going to turn him in.

"I didn't tell him I already called the police," she said.

But when police arrived at the scene of the crash Mrs. Croyle flagged down an officer who arrested Rivera and Dominguez.

"Just because I'm old doesn't mean we can't defend ourselves. Especially me. I don't know about the other oldies," she joked.

Mrs. Croyle said she'll forgive the men only if they're serious about changing their ways and staying out of trouble from now on.

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Good for you Auntie! I knew we had it in us.
Some vigilante pancho villa attitude. It must run in the family :)
We don't take guff from any one. My mom would be proud of her little sister. Way to go.
Let these little punks get what they deserve.

Thats my Mom for you what a great Mom she is. Thank God she didn't get hurt.

These crooks were like all, ignorant or saw the angels God assigned to you and stopped in fear. Just dont get the idea that its always that easy. I admire your courage, but dont do it again. Stupid people (crooks) do stupid things. Fear can cause them to kill. Just dont do that again.

You go, girl!

Awesome job! El Paso should be proud of the way Mrs. Croyle handled this situation.

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