700 undocumented immigrants to Artesia, NM; lawmakers continue push for reform

700 undocumented immigrants to Artesia, NM; lawmakers continue push for reform
Sunday, June 22, 2014 - 9:07pm

The spike in undocumented immigrants crossing into South Texas and the lack of resources have lawmakers pushing even harder for reform. But the push to change current laws have hit a snag.
We've been following two bills introduced by El Paso Rep Beto O'rourke and New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce. Both pieces of legislation aim to change immigration greatly... But are still stuck in subcommittees.

Undocumented immigrants are coming through South Texas by the thousands and in the latest temporary solution, "Literally was just kind of surprising everyone,” Congressman Steve Pearce, [R] New Mexico said over the phone.

700 immigrants were sent from the Rio Grande Valley to Artesia, New Mexico over the weekend. Just one of many cities which has been dealing with the onslaught of immigrants -- mostly from Central America. "And it's just turned into a flood, overwhelming the capabilities of the Border Patrol."

Even El Paso has been helped shoulder the burden but lawmakers want a more enduring fix. "This piece of the problem is just an indicator of the way the whole system has become so messed up."

Borderland lawmakers Steve Pearce and Congressman Beto O'rourke have been working on two key pieces of immigration legislation. "Showing that we may disagree on certain principles of immigration but there's a lot that we can agree on."

The bipartisan effort includes House Resolution 3431 which aims to give judges the right to grant nationalization to undocumented immigrants who crossed as minors. HR 4303 provides more accountability for border enforcement agencies.The bi-partisan effort marks just one action.

Senator John Mccain told reporters in Arizona on Friday, one of the cities who have received thousands of undocumented immigrants, including unaccompanied minors, he's asking President Obama to send a clear message to those who cross illegally. "If you come to this country illegally, no matter who you are, you cannot stay,” Sen. John McCain, (R) Arizona said.

If HR 4303 passes continued education for customs and border protection would be required.

Latest on HR 4303 and HR 3431:



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