6th Maquila explosion victim dies

6th Maquila explosion victim dies
Wednesday, November 6, 2013 - 6:12pm

A maquila explosion in Juarez has claimed its 6th victim. 19-year-old José Inés García died Wednesday morning. García died in Guadalajara city, officials said. He was receiving treatment in Gauadlajara.

ORIGINAL: The nightmare continues for some survivors in critical condition and their families in Juarez after the massive explosion that left more than 50 injured and at least 2 deaths.

Dozens of families waited for hours in local hospitals to hear about the health status of their loved ones.

"We are just asking they take responsibility for this because nobody from the company has come forward to offer help," a desperate victim's wife said.

According to state authorities an investigation is underway to determine who may be responsible for yesterday's explosion at the factory. Preliminary findings indicate that a candy cauldron next to several gas pipes may have caused the massive fire.

The explosion occurred in the 8th area of the Blueberry factory; some family member said work conditions in the maquila weren't appropriate and safe.

"The factory wasn't a secure place to work actually there was a gas leak and that caused the accident," a family member said.

Chihuahua Governor Cesar Duarte visited the site and the hospital where victims are still being treated hours after the explosion. He said the state will pursue an investigation and that complete assistance will be offered to those affected.

"the costs of their treatment will be covered completely by the state of Chihuahua it's unfortunate this accident it hurts us to know the facts but I think the emergency response was appropriate," Duarte said.

But for these families everything changed in a matter of hours, some lost their loved ones forever and many are holding to their faith for the best.

"We feel so sad because my husband is in the hospital, a young teen just died I just hope my husband makes it, I'm praying to God but he is in a very critical state," a woman said.

Out of the 52 injured 15 remain in intensive care, governor Duarte added that some of them might be transferred to hospitals in the Houston area.


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