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5% Property Tax Increase Presented to City Council

5% Property Tax Increase Presented to City Council

POSTED: Tuesday, July 6, 2010 - 1:10pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 4, 2011 - 6:26pm

City manager Joyce Wilson presented her budget proposal for the next fiscal year in front of the city council Tuesday. The proposal includes a 5 percent property tax increase to make up for an increase in cost of public services such as police and fire departments, Wilson said.

The tax, if approved, would increase by about $0.03 for every $100 of your property's value. If a home costs $150,000, that would cost the homeowner an extra $50 a year.

The city council will not immediately decide on the budget, but is expected to come to a decision at the end of the month on whether or not to move forward with the tax increase. We will have more details tonight at 5pm and 6pm on News Channel 9.

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What ANOTHER tax increase?

Do they think we're made out of money!

How's about we just vote out every politician who votes for a tax increase?

This is getting rediculious of how the city/county are not aware of the problems they can fix in the system to save money.Rather then saying sorry for the over sight for countless years of abuse, everyone here has to pay for it.

So you spend 12million to build a bridge for another country and give false hope that will cause an economic boost? Ya look what happened with the bowling tournament u promised of an economic boost.

You stopped Asarco that could of provided 300 jobs to the area which is also an econimc boost but yet now we have to spend 20million and 2million there after to keep up the smoke stack all because ur afraid of emmisions. Yet you allow foreign cars with no state inspection stickers to control the vehicles emissions.

Not only that you spent how much money developing the already bridge of joe battle and I-10 and now its being scraped for a new spaghetti bowl? Where the hell is your common sense.

Property taxes are not the only supply of money. Saving from the existing budget is an appropriate way to get more money for the police, fire and other ESSENTIAL services. Paying for ESSENTIAL services should be funded first - then salaries for the city manager, et al, and waste in government should be cut. Perhaps saving on services provided to illegal aliens and prisioners could be one way. Perhaps rooming taxes or sales taxes. Homeownership should not be penalized.

jay eastside

We live in El Paso, my husband was born and raised there. I married him 7 years ago and moved to El Paso. In the last 7 years our property taxes have gone up from $7,000 to almost $12,000 a year. Now we are trying to retire, but we can not because even if we no longer have a house payment(however we still do) we still have to set aside $1000 a month for property taxes. I agree, that the City Manager should eliminate some of her staff or do the right thing and decrease her salary.

Maybe Joyce Wilson's salary should be reduced along with her cronies she brought into city government. ow much does she earn now? She was the first one to suggest their salaries not be reduced. She said they weren't at that point. When we're talking about reducing emeregency services, I think maybe we're at that point.

ed fron Northeast

Given the violence across the border, I'd rather pay +$100/yr, than to cut services, specially those provided by the police dept. I don't mind paying taxes used for the benefit of local citizens. I do mind paying out my pocket (in taxes) outstanding hospital bills left by non-locals or having to build more public schools to accommodate students who don't reside in ELP districts. Bottom line:"something's gotta give!" You want to enjoy ELP services, you better live in El Paso! Enough is enough!

I am personally outraged at your depiction of the El Paso Police Department and their wages. They are currently 595 officers UNDERSTRENGTH and are holding the line BARELY. Joyce Wilson makes $250,000 dollars per year. Her personal staff of six people make $156,000 EACH. Now there is a waste of money. These costs did not exist before she came to El Paso. A beginning school teacher in EPISD has a starting salary of $ 42,000 and that is okay? No one complanins about taxes for them.

I will guess that it is not enough that we are already paying alot of property tax. The question now is what is being done with what we already pay. Someone needs to spend the money into where it really matters.

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