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5-month old, Jackson Farrey still missing; neighbors react

5-month old, Jackson Farrey still missing; neighbors react

POSTED: Sunday, November 17, 2013 - 11:10pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 - 9:59am

Back in El Paso - Two young parents are in custody and a 5-month-old remains missing. Just two days have passed since the Farrey family in West El Paso was reported missing. And just hours after they were located, more questions about their disappearance have surfaced.

Authorities found Jeffrey Farrey, a Fort Bliss soldier; his wife, Jenna; and their 19-month-old son, Blake alive at an undisclosed motel.

But 5-month-old Jackson remains missing. Neighbors, in this quiet West El Paso neighborhood are left on edge.

"I feel very insecure,” a woman who identified herself as Rachel said.

Neighbors we spoke with did not want to show their faces on camera and gave different accounts of the Farrey family's personality. "She seemed very friendly, you know, and we haven't had any problems down this way,” Martha, a neighbor said.

"Doing, I think her own business, because she was not very friendly,” Rachel explained.

As we've reported, the family's landlord feared they were dead. On Saturday he claimed he received a suicide note from them.

When we spoke with him over the phone today, he refused to speak with us.

And while neighbors gave two different experiences with the Farrey adults, both women we spoke with gave the same account of what they knew of the Farrey kids.

"I never seen the children at all. It was just her and him."

"No, no kids at all."

If you have any information about this case you're urged to call El Paso Crime Stoppers at 915-566-TIPS.

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I want to know what they parents have said about the missing baby since they are still asking the public for help. To me, with the history, this seems more like a recovery effort than a rescue. I feel something happened to that baby that made them run, the issue is where did they hide the baby??

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