4 people injured in Far East El Paso stabbing


POSTED: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - 10:57am

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - 5:40pm

A stabbing on the 11-thousand block of Imperial Gem occurs in a normally quiet Far East El Paso neighborhood.

Residents we spoke with say they've never seen anything like this in their neighborhood. Police say four people were sent to the hospital for their injuries early Wednesday morning. They could only confirm that two people were stabbed. One person was dropped off, while the rest were taken to Sierra Providence East in an ambulance.

The witness we spoke with did not want to reveal his identity on camera but he told us more of what he saw, "We just saw a girl walking up Turner Street...if they are searching for a weapon they should search up Turner Street where the person was walking."

Police combed through Oxcart Run for a weapon. They say two people related to the incident ran from the initial crime scene on Imperial Gem towards Oxcart Run. They were picked up by police. One police officer told us one person blew out their knee from the run.

The investigation continues as to why four people were stabbed here in this neighborhood.

"We moved over here because of the calmness so this is the first time we see this," the man told us.


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The migration of Juarenzes and other Mexican residents to the USA, granted most of them have USA citizenship, brings an element that is not El Paso's usual populace. I hope our law enforcement is on top of this hidden issue. With any relocation of large amounts of people forced into exile, yes exile from Mexico, brings criminals.

so what you are saying is that because of immigration El Paso has violence. Thats funny because its a proven fact that immigrants commit less crimes than "real americans". The problem isnt immigrant its people like you who dont know facts.

The Hispanic weapon of choice,"Dream Act Kids"

The American weapon of choice, ignorance.

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