3,000 Sharks Found Off Texas Coast


POSTED: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 - 6:05pm

UPDATED: Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 2:54pm

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, TX - 3,000 dead sharks have been found off the coast of Texas.

Game wardens on South Padre Island made the grim discovery. The sharks were tangled in an illegal fishing net, near the Mexican border.

No arrests have been made. Officials believe a Mexican fisherman is responsible.

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If it takes 2 minutes to get in and set a trap that takes 5 hours to clean up, maybe we should get better security all around the Mexican border. Especially if it's a trap that's as dangerous and serious that kills nearly or over 3,000 sharks. Maybe no one cares, but when i heard it on the radio station this morning i just about died, because i can't believe we don't have enough security down there to protect our wildlife from a near extinction blow out that just occurred.

The law needs to be enforced more strictly. Sharks or not they are living creatures and to imagine they all drowned. What a loss.........

Really?? Sharks DROWNED?
I'm not a marine biologist or anything but, I don't think FISH CAN DROWN.
Indeed what a loss.

3000 Sharks huh? Texas Governor Rick Perry will probably form a special fact finding commission that gives generous donations to his campaign funds. And claim that the dead sharks were actually People killed by the Mexican cartels on the Mexican border and dumped on the Texas Coast.

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