Mayor To Clarify Prop 3, Opponents Launch Viral "Vote No" Campaign

Mayor To Clarify Prop 3, Opponents Launch Viral

POSTED: Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 7:04pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 6, 2012 - 4:47pm

Whether you're against it or for it, most everyone in the Sun City has an opinion about a downtown baseball stadium. Come election day, your vote could decide how to pay for it.
Mayor John Cook will hold a press conference tomorrow to clarify the ballot language in support of proposition 3 on the quality of life bond.
The press conference will be held  11:30 Friday at the Garden in Union Plaza.
Meanwhile, a group against the downtown stadium started a viral campaign aimed at urging voters to "Vote No" for all propositions in the Quality of Life Bond.
Stephanie Townsend Allala is heading the effort. She says a vote against the propositions is a vote for a good government.
Townsend says her attorney will be filing a criminal complaint against the City Manager and the Paso Del Norte group, for what she says is a misuse of city funds for false advertising to influence an election.


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We should be voting on rather we want
A stadium in the first place. We have
Cohen stadium allready with plenty
Of parking with a wonderful view of
The mountains, Why tear down city
hall which will cost money in itself DUH?
And then build a stadium in already
Congested downtown and we don't even
Know if baseball will profit El Paso! Who
Is railroading us? What.happen to common
Sense? And what are our elected officials
Thinking? I think they need to go outside
And get some fresh air. Our econ

I got a very large color postcard in the mail that says:

"Voting YES on Prop.3 means visitors will fund the construction of our new baseball stadium."
Lie. It might fund some of it. The property taxpayers will pay most of it.
Then it says:
Lie #2.
Seniors pay property taxes, maybe with some discount, but seniors pay property tax on their homes.

Tks for explaining prop. 3 in a more accurate account
On what's at stake. That flyer I received in the mail is not
Explaining the whole picture, I was not sure on how
To vote. If you if you go by the flyer, it's simple vote
For! But it sounded to simple! I can't believe you can
Send out a flyer that doesn't tell you all the facts. If
I didn't hear Stephanie Townsend's explanation I
Would have voted for! This is a very deceptive act
On the parties concerned. Thank you Stephanie and
I agree

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