Congressman Reyes Responds to Election Results

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 - 5:22pm

Silvestre Reyes spoke with Democratic primary winner Beto O'Rouke Wednesday afternoon congratulating him on his win.

Reyes was already in Washington D.C. for the signing of his border tunnel bill that is being signed by President Obama.

Reyes didn't appear at his campaign party until 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night. When he finally did appear, he had some choice words aimed at his opponent. He said he didn't want anyone's kids living in a community where legalized drugs are prevalent, a jab at O'Rourke's statement about looking into the legalization of marijuana.

In a campaign commercial, Reyes showed a video of O'Rouke from last year at a bar and he took a jab at what was featured in the video.

"We don't go around partying when the wife and kids are at home and getting spanked by people," Reyes said. "Well, if they want to be spanked, we can spank them, right?"

We spoke with the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce about how they think a new congressman will affect economic development in the borderland.

The Chamber says Reyes did a great job representing the borderland, and O'Rouke is no stranger to the organization.

The Chamber says O'Rouke first came to them years ago when he started his first business.

"So it's about building those relationships. no different that what we did with congressman reyes and i think the community really needs to stand up and applaud the efforts of the congressman," said member Cindy Reyes he was there when no one else was there.

If o'rouke wins the novemeber election. Reyes says he is ready to work with him to help transition into the congress postion in our nation's capital.


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