2 Dead in Muli-Vehicle Wrong Way Crash on I10


POSTED: Sunday, December 11, 2011 - 10:25pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 - 10:38pm

EL PASO - Police now say 2 people died in a muli-vehicle crash caused by a wrong way driver on the interstate in West El Paso Sunday afternoon.

The driver of a black GMC Sierra pick up truck was driving East on I-10 in the Westbound lanes. Police believe the driver entered the interstate on the Mesa exit.

According to police, at least 5 cars were involved in the crash with the truck around 4:30 p.m. Sunday. The truck crashed into 3 other cars on the Mesa off ramp before slamming head on into a Dodge Charger in the center lane of the interstate between the Mesa and Resler exits. The truck then spun out and crashed into other cars around it.

Police say 2 people are dead, including the driver of the truck, and 3 people are hospitalized. Traffic was brought to a standstill as police closed down all lanes of I-10 West, forcing drivers to exit at Resler. The interstate remains closed. Special traffic investigators are on the scene.

No word on why the man was driving the wrong way.


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by the waythat was in responseto pd1854

you can blame the city all you want, i've driven in Seattle and driven in Indianapolis. Talk about confusing. It doesn't excuse people not knowing the basic rules of the road. There is no excuse for this man. According to witnesses, he almost seemed intent on driving into traffic. He could have pulled over or maybe even stopped...blame El Paso all you want, this man was insane.

@ugh...really! El Paso streets are not that difficult it's just stupid drivers that dont know how to drive....move then! thats one less driver we have to worry about....military? if you are well yall cause most of the accidents in this city anyways!

I was driving back from the West side when I came across this horrific accident. I was speechless and tearful, it was an emotional moment. My prayers go out to all involved.

Is there a way we could get the footage from the cameras before the accident? Im a cousin of one of the guys that survived the accident but he had to be hospitalized for several hours, his wife is still in the hospital.

I pray for those killed and injured in this crash. I am left with a great sense of loss to try and make sense of what would cause a wrong way driver to cause such mayhem on innocent lives. I hope those that witnessed and responded to the scene are able to ease the immages and pain that has forever been planted in their minds, hearts and souls.

Looking for Amber where did you go?

If the darn street here in this town weren't so confusing, stuff like this might just be avoided. Where is all the tax money for better street signs, freeways; Shoot sometimes you can't even see the lines on some of the streets!! UGH can't wait to move the heck out of this darn town!!

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