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Tuesday, January 27, 2015 - 2:45pm

18 People Arrested in 36 Hours for DWI

18 People Arrested in 36 Hours for DWI

POSTED: Sunday, October 23, 2011 - 7:24pm

UPDATED: Friday, November 11, 2011 - 11:46pm

EL PASO-- In case someone was wondering, here's proof police are cracking down on crime in the Sun City.

Officers arrested 18 people this weekend for D-W-I.

Officers made all 18 arrests in just 36 hours... between midnight Saturday and noon today.  

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Drunk Drivers are real criminals. They kill so many people every year. Its as simple as self control and responsibility, if you want to got out and party call a cab or designate a driver. Loud music is the least of any ones worries. I would rather put up with loud annoying music than drunk drivers swerving all over the road.

What you said was really stupid. Not all drunk drivers kill people. The point is is to keep them from becoming criminals. It might be strange to you but giving DWI's actually work in most cases. You are not going to stop them all you need to get use to that. And what would putting them in prison actually accomplish other than make you feel better? And we need to treat drinking and driving more as a drinking problem and not a driving problem. The point is is that you should not be getting drunk.

It is not hard to arrest 18 people in 36 hours when you set up road blocks.The police department calls them insurance verification road blocks. Have the guts to call it what it is, DWI road blocks. They take place at nigh on weekends. The EPPD is influenced by M.A.A.D.,and news reports that blow the DWI situation out of proportion.If M.A.D.D. wants to prevent DWI's, they should be out in the community offering free rides home. Not sitting in a court room pushing for stiffer sentences.

If people want to get drunk then they should stay home. I'm sick and tired of the "it's all about me" syndrome people have. I hope you never have to experience the pain of losing a loved one because of a drunk behind the wheel.

I hope you never have to experience the pain of losing a loved one for any reason. WHat makes drunk driving so special? Isn't it kind of selfish to think that people who die from drunk driving are more important than people who die the other 1000 ways that people die?

El Paso is one giant speed trap. Thats all this guys do.Whats funny is how you can even tell when its quota time, usually close to the end of the month, because all of the sudden the cops are everywhere.And all these DWI arrests wouldnt surprise me if there a trap as well.Might as well bring back prohibition. I mean for an adult male if your 6 ft tall and weigh at least 185 lbs. If you have 2 beers your considered legally drunk.SERIOUSLY?These cops just want to make as many arrests as possible.

I appreciate the fact that EPPD has taken notice to our posts from last months dwi fail list.
To the Officer taking note : Thank You that is 36 less accidents, 36 less vehicular manslaughter, 36 less crashing into habitations causing injury.
WE ALL KNOW they don't stop till you stop them.
They are all just future crimes with deadly results not just a DWI stop, but a progressive approach to stopping worse crimes in the future.
EPPD : PASS you are now off the official FAIL list

We do not need you arresting drunks; we need you arresting REAL criminals!!

If you are drunk and driving a vehicle you are a criminal. You are putting all those out on the road with you in danger. Hope you never get in an accident with a "non'criminal" drunk and lose a limb...

No they are not criminals. Look up the definition of the word criminal. I am so sick of that word being thrown around. It has been blown out of proportion. Stop them before they become criminals. All treating them like criminals does is create more criminals. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

dwi is a crime but it is still traffic control.
how child molesters did they get? how many robbers did they get? how many cops on the take did they get? oh el paso we must feel proud with those arrest. more money for the substations. come on el paso wake up!!! el paso is just a big speed trap.

Heck no "IF" the so called EPPD would quit breaking the law, themselves ie. cell phone use, less darkend windows so they can see more clearly who's buying beer and so forth at your local hit and run's and drinking it from a brown bag, drinking it while driving come-on who' fooling who. Always waiting for the accident before putting in the red light.

I'm all for the DUI bust scenerio stuff but what about Loud Stereos Boom Cars? There should be a MANDATORY POLICE QUOTA TO CATCH NO LESS THAN 200 of these Noise Violators a day everyday.

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