NC9 Today + Will It Work + Que Pasa Borderland + Let’s Cook, El Paso + Service Salute

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THURSDAY Psychedelic Furs and Lemonheads November 6 7:30 p.m. Plaza Theatre

Will It Work: EZ Cracker

In Wednesday's Will It Work segment, Monica Cortez tested out the EZ Cracker.

Honoring two El Paso natives who are proudly involved in the military

Thursdays' Service Salute was sent in by KristalAnn Smith. She wanted to honor her sister and brother-in-law, SueAnn Denson and James Denson. This photo was taken at the 2014 military ball in Yakota Air Force Base in Tokyo.

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THROUGH NOVEMBER 9 Footloose: The Musical UTEP Dinner Theatre 500 W. University Ave. Held over through November 9 Thursday - Sunday

Saluting two loved men who proudly serve our country

Wednesday morning's salutes were sent in by Lisa Farris. She wanted to honor her fiance SSG Alexander Elkassamani. He's with the 1-36 infantry Battalion, 1st Brigade of 1st Armored Division.

Will It Work: Catch Caddy

In this week's Will It Work segment, Noreen Jaramillo tested out the Catch Caddy.

Simple, easy to make Halloween treats for the whole family!

JELLO WORMS Ingredients: - 1 package 100 bending straws - 3 rubber bands - 3/4 cup heavy whipping cream - 3 cups hot water - 6 ounce Jello any flavor

Saluting two friends with the U.S. Army

Monday's Service Salute photos were sent in by Jose Perez. He wanted to honor his friend, First Sergeant Telles.

Honoring a local principal for serving our community

Friday's Service Salute was sent in by Donna Johnson. She wanted to honor her sister-friend, Dana Boyd. She is seen in the picture with then president George Bush and Mrs. Bush.

Spooky treats for Halloween!

INGREDIENTS: Cookie Balls - 1 package cookies any flavor your favorite - 1 8 ounce package cream cheese - 1 package melting chocolates RECIPE:

A weekend filled with pre-Halloween fun!

NOW OPEN KLAQ Haunted House "Maze of Madness" Through November 1 6 p.m. - 11 p.m. October 26 - Halloween 1323 N. Lee Trevino Monday - Thursday, $10

Saluting a two-time war veteran for his service to our country

In Thursday's Service Salute, we honored SGT Ernesto Arenas. The picture was sent in by Amanda Espinosa. She wanted to recognize the love of her life. SGT Arenas is currently stationed at Fort Bliss.

Will It Work: Eurosealer

In Wednesday's Will It Work segment, Monica Cortez tested out the Eurosealer.

Two sons in the Navy and one very proud mother

Wednesday's Service Salute was sent in by Susie Marquez.

Honoring a cafeteria manager who makes a difference in our community

Tuesday's Service Salute was sent in by Susana Franco. She wanted to honor her aunt, Elma Portillo. Elma serves up lunch to students at Henderson Middle School.