NC9 Today + Will It Work + Que Pasa Borderland + Let’s Cook, El Paso + Service Salute

The Big Game Recipes: Cha Gio and fish sauce

Monday's Big Game recipe comes courtesy of former El Paso Mayor John Cook.  He currently is the Executive Director of US Mexico Border Mayors Association and President and CEO of Feeding the Nation's Homeless Foundation.

What it takes to be in the top 1%

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Want to be part of the Top 1%? Move to Arkansas. The bar is much lower there. It only takes $228,298 to get into the upper echelon in Arkansas, according to a report from the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute.

Doña Ana Community College $20 million bond proposal

Press release from the Doña Ana Community College:

Beware of tax season scam

(CNN) - A phone call demanding an immediate payment to the IRS sounds pretty scary. That's likely why it's a favorite among scammers, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

The weekend is almost here!

FRIDAY Romeo and Julieta January 23 at 7pm La Fe Cultural & Technology Center 721 Ochoa (Rear Building) January 29, 7pm Philanthropy Theatre 125 Pioneer Plaza

Providence Memorial opening new geriatric mental illness unit

A local hospital is focusing on the care of the elderly. Providence Memorial Hospital has opened a unit to help treat elderly patients with mental illness.

Will It Work: Cover Blubber

In Wedneday's Will It Work, Monica Cortez tested the Cover Blubber.

Bike ride, beer tasting event & a local production

FRIDAY Ride for Reading January 16 7:30 a.m. Crazy Cat Cyclery to Douglass Elementary Free

Italian food recipes that are made in minutes

Salmon Over Angel Hair With Champagne Cream Sauce Ingredients: - 3 oz butter - 1 tsp garlic - 1 cup chopped spinach - Salt and pepper - 3 oz champagne

Will It Work: Quirky Pluck

In Wednesday's Will It Work, Monica Cortez tested the Pluck from the Quirky prodcut line. The Quirky claims to seperate the yolk from the whites in a clean and easy manner. But does it really work?

Honoring a community and military member

Monday's Service Salute was sent in by Daniela Prieto.

Will It Work: Mighty Mug

In Wednesday's Will It Work, Monica Cortez tested the Mighty Mug. The Mighty Mug supposedly grips to your desk when knocked into. But does it really work? Watch the video and find out!

Stay Healthy During Flu Season

     The flu is a deadly virus and the Borderland just saw it's first flu death this year.