Monday, August 25, 2014 - 5:28pm

NC9 Today + Will It Work + Que Pasa Borderland + Let’s Cook, El Paso + Service Salute

Thank you to this sergeant for his service to our country

Friday's Service Salute picture was sent in by Jennifer McCloskey.

Some great activities going on in EP this week and next

Saturday Up in Smoke: The Early Days of the El Paso Fire Department January 11 1 p.m. El Paso Museum of History Exhibition on view through August 30, 2014

Saluting a retired sergeant major for his service to our country

In Thursday's Service Salute, we saluted a retired sergeant major. The picture was sent in by Monica Tucker. Her husband is on the right and their pastor is on the left.

Will It Work: Dream Lites

In Wednesday's Will It Work segment, Mark Mathis tested out Dream Lites.

Saluting a local father and soldier

Wednesday's Service Salute was send in by Lacie.

Big thanks goes out to all the Amtrak employees

In Tuesday's Service Salute, we shared two special pictures with you.

This salute is from a father to a son...

Monday's Service Salute was sent in by Dana McEntee.

Service Salute: SPC Dustin Hall

In today's Service Salute, we'd like to honor Specialist Dustin Hall, who works on Biggs Army Airfield at Fort Bliss. The picture was sent in by Michelle Hall, who said, "Here is a picture of my soldier."

Service Salute: Erika Mata sent a photo of her husband in the Air Force

Erika Mata sent a photo of her husband who has been in the United States Air Force for nine years.

Will it Work: Stufz: America's Stuffed Burger

This week in Will it Work, Noreen made stuffed burgers like a pro with Stufz.  It's easy as 1-2-3: shape it, stuff it, and seal it.

Service Salute: SPC Branden D. Jones

In our Service Salute, we would like to honor Specialist Branden D. Jones and his wife.

Service Salute: David Weaver salutes son for service to U.S. Army

In Tuesday's Service Salute, David Weaver sent a photo of his son.

A salute from a thankful and loving girlfriend

Thank you to Sophie Rodriguez for sending in Monday’s Service Salute.    

A salute from a wife to her Airman

Thank you to Vanessa Morton for sending in Friday’s Service Salute. She wanted to salute her husband, Jeremy Morton, who is active duty with the U.S. Air Force.  He has served for more than 9 years.