Service Salute

Saluting a Master of Arms with the U.S. Navy

Tuesday's Service Salute was sent in by Cherie and David Tucker. We saluted their son, Austin James Tucker. 

Thank you to El Paso's Environmental Services Department for everything you do!

We had a special picture to share with you as part of our Service Salute on Friday. It was sent in by Jimmy Smith who works with the City of El Paso's Environmental Services Department. 

Saluting a local soldier and community hero

We had a special Service Salute on Friday. Not only is he a solider, he's also a local hero.     

Service Salute: SPC Omar Moreno

This Service Salute recognizes United States Army Specialist Omar Moreno, who will be deploying soon.

Service Salute: Ashton Prunty who is serving in Afghanistan

This Service Salute is in honor of Ashton Prunty, who is serving in Afghanistan. Ashton's fiancé, Jessica McCloskey sent in the picture.

Saluting the American Legion Riders Chapter 598

In Tuesday's Service Salute, we honored the American Legion Riders Chapter 598.

Saluting members of the Navy

In Monday's Service Salute, we honored Navy Seaman Joshua Burton, left, and Navy Seaman Darlene Fernandez, right. Darlene is an El Paso native.

Big thanks to the Harper family for participating in Service Salute

Friday's Service Salute was sent in by Blanca Harper who wanted to honor her husband, SSG Travis Harper who has been in the service for 17 years.

Thank you to SGT Alfred J. O'Neal III

Thursday's Service Salute was sent in by Jennifer O'Neal who wanted to honor SGT Alfred J. O'Neal III. 

Congratulations to this lovely family who are expecting their first child!

Wednesday's Service Salute was sent in by Gina Gomez. She said she wanted to honor her husband, SPC William Riley who has been in Afghanistan for a month now. He will be gone until September.  

Saluting MA2 Dwayne Shepard Jr.

Tuesday's Service Salute was sent in by Monica Shepard who wanted to honor MA2 Dwayne Shepard Jr. A big thank you to to Dwayne for his service to our country and big thank you to Monica for being a part of our Service Salute.

Saluting SPC Robert Fino for Service Salute

Monday's Service Salute was sent in by Athena Fino who wanted to honor her husband, Specialist Robert Fino.      

A second time salute to this first lieutenant

Friday's Service Salute was sent in by Martha Lopez. She wanted to honor her nephew, First Lieutenant Angel Alegre who is on his second tour in Afghanistan.

Honoring SSG Jon Luna for Service Salute

Wednesday's Service Salute was sent in by Grace Ortiz. She wanted to honor her cousin, SSG Jon Luna. Grace told us that their family is very proud of him and misses him.

A special salute from a niece to her uncle

Tuesday's Service Salute was sent in by Jackie Gomez. She wanted to honor her uncle, SFC Victor Perches. Jackie told us her uncle is a Sergeant Audie Murphy member. Only 1% of Army service members receive this award.