Wednesday, October 29, 2014 - 1:34pm

Service Salute

Honoring this loving father, seen here with his adorable daughter

In Thursday's Service Salute, we honored Arturo Ruiz.

This salute goes out to an El Paso fireman

Tuesday's Service Salute was sent in by Veronica Soto who wanted to honor her son-in-law, Carlos Murillo. She said he is from Clint, Texas. He has proudly served two tours in Iraq and is now an El Paso fireman.

Saluting a group of people taking a 'selfie'

Tuesday's Service Salute was sent in by Dustin Hart. He wanted to honor his supervisor, friend and hero.

Saluting the 501 Brigade at Fort Bliss

Friday's Service Salute was sent in by Nallely Venutra. She wanted to honor her brother, Francisco Hernandez, as well as military members from the 501 Brigade over at Fort Bliss. 

Saluting & honoring the memory of a former Air Force member

Thursday's Service Salute was a bit of a somber salute because we honored the memory of a member of the U.S. Air Force.

Thank you to the Boudreaux family for being part of Service Salute

Wednesday's Service Salute was sent in by Chanelle Boudreaux. She wants to honor her husband, Specialist Dylan Boudreaux.

Saluting Master Sergeant Kerry Gene Depron

Tuesday's Service Salute by Blanchie Jones who wanted to honor her brother, Master Sergeant Kerry Gene Depron.

Saluting a National Guard member

Monday's Service Salute was sent in by Laura Pennington. She wanted to honor her daughter, Kayla Ambrose.

Honoring SPC Hawks as part of Service Salute

Friday's Service Salute was sent in by Bobbie Hawks. She wants to honor her husband, Specialist Hawks who has been in the army for six years. She tells us he has completed two tours to Iraq. 

Saluting Jonathan Davis for Service Salute

Thursday's Service Salute was sent in by Taylor Carrillo. This is a photo of her boyfriend, Jonathan Davis. She tells us he is stationed in Afghanistan.

Thank you to the Martinez family for being part of Service Salute

Wednesday's Service Salute was sent in by Tammy Martinez who wanted to honor Chief Joshua Martinez who is currently serving in Afghanistan. 

Saluting a community member who helps out our four legged friends

Toni Bueno sent us Tuesday's Service Salute. The picture is of Michel Meunier who is the president of the Action Programs for Animals in Las Cruces or APA.

Service Salute: Robert Kauts, U.S. Navy

The photo in today's Service Salute was sent in by Rose Mary and Mary Ann who wanted to share how proud they are of their father, Robert Kautz, who served in the U.S. Navy during WWII on the U.S.S. Leoni. 

Saluting and congratulating a NMSU employee

In Wednesday's Service Salute, we honored a member of the New Mexico State University community.

Honoring and congratulating city employees for a job well done

In Tuesday's Service Salute, we honored some El Paso city employees.