Today we honor a member of the Las Cruces community

Michel Meunier
Service Salute
Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 7:59am

Time for our Service Salute. As you may know, not only do we honor our military members but anyone in our communities who serve our communities and today, we have one of those picture.

Toni Bueno sent us this picture of Michel Meunier who is the president of the ACTion Programs for Animals in Las Cruces or what's called APA. APA rescues animals from the humane society and adopts them out to PETCO and other places. They also help guardians of the four legged friends by running an emergency food bank in Las Cruces for people having a hard time feeding their pets.

APA also holds vaccination clinics throughout the year, so this salute not only goes to Michel but to Toni who is a volunteer at APA and other's at this organization for their service to our community and to our four legged friends.

Be a part of our Service Salute today. Email your pictures to  

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