Yummy, easy to make Japanese cuisine

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POSTED: Friday, October 4, 2013 - 8:10am

UPDATED: Friday, October 4, 2013 - 9:15am

For The Tuna:
One Saku Block or Tuna Filet, 6 oz
Seasonings of your choice, or Japanese Pepper Blend 'Togarashi'
Light Soy Sauce
Orange or Citrus Juice

For The Plum:
Black Plums, 2 each, ripe

For The Potsticker:
Mushrooms, 1 each
Tuna, chunks, chopped
Green Onions, sliced
Won Ton Skins, 2 or 3

For The Garnish:
Baby Bok Choy, 1 each
Green Onions, sliced

1)  If desired, quickly sear tuna 20 seconds on both sides in very hot skillet or slice raw into 1/4" slices
2)  Slice plums in half, remove seed, put into 350˚F oven for 1 hour until puffy.
3)  Mix chopped mushroom, tuna chunks chopped and green onion in a small bowl with touch of soy sauce.  Put in won ton skin wrapper and fold, as to make a dumpling or purse, as you desire.  Make as many 'potsticker dumplings' as you like.
4)  Quickly sauté the baby bok choy in olive oil until slightly wilted but still crunchy.
5)  Place plums in center of plate.  Place bok choy on top or next to plums.
6)  Place tuna on top of plums, fanned out.
7)  Garnish with potstickers and sliced green onions.
8)  Best enjoyed with soy sauce/citrus juice mix or wasabi and pickled ginger. 

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