Mysterious Lights Over East El Paso

POSTED: Friday, October 15, 2010 - 9:26pm

UPDATED: Friday, December 2, 2011 - 11:13pm

Above the skies of Northeast and East El Paso, Friday night a sight that was a little more than stunning.

Video, captured by one of our photographers shows one solitary light that appears to be falling in the sky. That light suddenly breaks apart and into three separate lights.

Those lights then seem to freeze in the air and just hover.
Eventually a fourth light can be seen and the lights appear to be hovering around each other. Then they all disappear.

We are told that Airsho pilots were performing manuevers Friday night and the lights were likely part of that.

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Must be a lot of playing in the sky with the Military? I saw the same thing in Colorado November 2011. Planes dont hover in one place like that. I am a skeptic of aliens and UFO and I am a believer and I told myself it must be angels on a night flight. Either way I saw it too. It just shows there is something else and God is our creator. Why wouldnt he create something else beyond our Earthly knowledge. It was a beautiful sight. Glad I got to witness it.

hey ppl theres a bright star dat appears lil after midnight.can b seen beter after 2a.m i thought it was a big star but waz wrong.if u get ur binoculars go ahead take a look at it.
its not a star it looks like 2 spaceships on top of each other its weird n not only dats it moves so fast in weird directions only can b seen with da binoculars try it.Hernandez,A

My family saw something just like this near Cincinnati, Ohio in May of 2009. It was really freaky then and even more so now. Some kind of spy equipment from another country?? Would really like an explanation that makes some kind of sense!!

Publicly, military says "Just some night
manuevers on our part"..Privately, they crowd
around some monitor looking at the footage and
exclaim in wonderment "What the****IS that?!? Are our guys on this?!? We better have some answers ASAP or heads are gonna roll!!!"
OR-Behind closed doors, scenarios are
conceived, then visuals are manufactured, in
the 'unlikely event' the rapture DOES take place and they want a video trail to explain why martial law is necessary.Ask the LORD NOW!

LOL. Airplanes dont break into 3 balls of light when they are freefalling, C'MON people. And then its said that they were hovering in mid-air, airplanes don't do that either. well they maight do that but it is unlikely that they would be practicing this at night, unless someone is trying to hide something from someone but that would be idiotic cause people would still see it. in my opinion it might of been a meteor, and it just created the illusion that the balls were suspend in mid-air.

I saw then thinking it was an airsho drill, but planes cannot stay still that long and then a fourth one appear. This is the stuff government won't tell us. And it can't be the same show in manhattan or can it?

Definitely ODD! Nothing we have in an Air Show would fall like that and break apart and suddenly stop and start hovering by each other. Then the clip from New York was in daylight. Planes of any kind, we would have been able to see then. Definitely UFO's!!

There are several USAF bases around the US, Canada and Mexico, as well as many of the surrounding territories where weather experiments are taking place. These "tests" include localized atmospheric pressurization which is designed to inact weather changes over large areas. This is scaring foes of the US who recognize the incredible advantages that one would realize in combative situations. There are several that have not been reported as in Wyoming, North Carolina and Kansas.

My husband and I saw this also. At first we thought it was a plane falling and exploding, but then the sight looked way to similar to a meteor. We were able to see the air show from our home and there was not a repeat of anything like this. I wonder...what did we actually see?

People this universe is far and beyond! Are you kidding me, I mean really, what makes us think that us humans are the only ones in this universe? I cant stop thinking about it. The one thing that would really piss me off, is that later were going to see some scientist on the news telling us that it was a new project to replace the weather balloon.

This universe is far and beyond! What makes us think that us humans are the only ones here? What makes my thaughts ease up, is that I want to believe that they were just weather balloons.

It looks like something definitely entering our atmosphere. Something is going on in the skies. Time for the military to quit showing their stupidity and shut up. The military is not the all powerful source in our universe as they would like you to believe. I predict the news people will have to wipe the smirks off their faces in time..Time will certainly tell what is going on in the skies..Set back and enjoy!!!!!! ARE an idiot, I knew the Golden Knights were doing night manuvers for the show in El Paso and I'm in San Antonio.

ufo's in the sky wasnt planes yall are crazy i know wat i saw they were right over my house look like a ball of fire they were UFO'S AS THEY CAME DOWN CLOSER IT LOOK MORE LIKE A UFO. "NO PLANES"!!!

I live by Edgmere and Zaragoza and was quadding around 30 minutes after the sun went down. i saw onegiant ball of fire the it split into 3 balls of fire, then they stopped in mid air then looked like they were flying around. Im still in shock!!!!

Why are people so eager to believe extra terrestrials exist until someone proves they don't. But then refuse to believe in God until someone proves he exists. Either way it takes faith, but it just depends on what you put your faith in.

I dont understand how they are trying to say this incident was airshow airplanes practicing. At night?! Its rude to insult the public like this with such a idiotic response.

And you probably think the "Matrix" is real. I believe there are other life forms elsewhere but this wasn't it.

It looked like a meteorite at first.... but i saw the last light at 5 am still hovering in that same spot.... very very odd.... Hopefully they come in peace :)

Just lights in the sky. Still, wouldnt it be nice to know..we are not alone. I will believe in ufos until i have evidence they DONT exist...until then..its a possibility

Amazing footage! But to say their airplanes....c'mon! I don't believe anyone is going to buy into that. It's selfish to believe that we're the only one's in existence. Fact of the matter is, it's a UFO.

Thier here!!! LOL. well any way KUDOS to your camerman, who was on the ball. No matter what it really was . it leaves us to wonder. Are we Alone?////

I have lived near fort bliss for more than 15 years and I have never seen or heard the airplanes practice during the night. these lights were too low and flying too close to be airplanes. And they were
moving in such manner that airplanes could never move. I never believed in "this" but after today I do believe. These lights were bright and did not have any lights around flashing like airplanes do.

One light remained hovering in the sky. After about two three minutes the last light disappeared. There is absolutely no way these lights were of airplanes. They did not go down at any point, they just disappeared mid air. I have never heard of any airplanes practice for the airsho during the night. I have lived near fort bliss for more than 15 years and I have never seen or heard the airplanes practice during the night.

I was driving on highway 54 near transmountain. When I looked east and I saw a bright light-it appeared to be floating in the sky, too low and too still to be an airplane. Suddenly another two lights appeared forming a triangle. Within a few seconds that triangle turned into a straight line. After about a minute a fourth light appeared, then the lights started hovering around in a weird manner. Not forming any shape. After about three minutes two lights disappeared, then another two disappeared

Maybe they wanted to try Chicos Tacos

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