Mother Reunites With Sick Son

POSTED: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 - 11:21pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 - 11:29pm

An update to a story we first told you about Monday. The 4-month old baby boy with cancer in both of his eyes was reunited with his mother Tuesday.
Alejandra Breceda Reyes' anxious wait turned into a run as she prepared to see her sick four month-old child.
But the last 15 minute wait to see her baby boy suffering from eye cancer was nothing compared to the last 3 months she spent in Juarez waiting to hear from Customs and Border Protection.
Her lawyer details the horror she'd been through, "you have a mother over there worried, worried, worried; she's crying, she wants to be with her baby."
Alejandra wasn't allowed into the United States.
When she was returning to the U.S.. from a doctor's visit in Juarez in July, she was held up at the border, and agents found she was not in possession of a valid visa, even though she though her border crossing card and student visa were enough.
That led to months of trying to find a way back to the United States to get her son the medical attention he needed.
That's where attorney William Elias comes in. He tells us he heard about the case last Thursday and is taking on Alejandra's case voluntarily, for what he says is humanitarian reasons.
"We're not contracted to get her across to see the baby, and we're not charging for that. We're doing that because we want to help her to be with her child during these trying times."
But baby Jesus Emmanuel's condition became urgent Tuesday. In a letter obtained by NC9 from the child's doctor, he describes the boys condition as critical, and determined the boys eye would have to be removed by surgery Wednesday.
The elevated condition placed even more urgency on getting Alejandra a Humanitarian Parole. A situation CBP says is a common one.
"In many cases (Humanitarian Parole) is granted immediately at the Port of Entry. The person needs to come in person and there's two reason they are granted at the Port of Entry. One, they have immediate family member, that's a sibling, parents, child or spouse.
After finally being processed for the parole this afternoon, Alejandra can be with baby Jesus Emmanuel as he prepares to undergo a life-changing surgery.
She doesn't have words, just happiness to be with her son.


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