Mayor Cook Files Restraining Order Against Brown to Stop Recall

POSTED: Tuesday, September 13, 2011 - 4:03pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 6, 2011 - 10:56am

EL PASO- The recall of Mayor Cook and two city representatives is getting more interesting as Mayor Cook obtained a temporary restraining order Monday against Tom Brown.

Pastor Tom Brown, the man behind the recall effort, is temporarily banned from turning in the petition which could force a recall election. Brown's attorney says the temporary restraining order, filed Monday, indicates Brown cannot come in contact with the District Clerk's office.

The recall effort began in July after City Council reversed voters’ decision and decided to restore domestic partner benefits for city employees. Brown has until Thursday to turn in at least 6,100 valid signatures to recall Mayor Cook and at least 650 signatures to recall City Reps Susie Byrd and Steve Ortega.

Brown's attorney, Theresa Caballero says the injunction is proof that Mayor Cook will do whatever it takes to avoid a recall election.

"He is extremely nervous about this recall. We needed about 6,000 something signatures. Verified signatures. We have over 10,000 really good signatures with their bar voting numbers, correct addresses, everything. We have him over the hill. We're about to throw him off the cliff. And he knows that. So, let the games begin," said Caballero.

Mayor Cook said Tuesday evening that many of those signatures were gathered in places like corporations and churches, violating the Texas Election Code.

"I respect the will of the people," Mayor Cook said. "Recall is something that requires the will of the people. But I don't want people to illegally follow the process or have irregularities or any fraud involved in the election process because the election process is very sacred."

Caballero says she hopes to have a judge remove the restraining order as soon as Wednesday morning.

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i don't like mayor cook much. but the game has to be played fairly and legally. these religious groups need to follow the law. if they don't like it they need to change the laws to work in their favor. not just intimidate their flock to sign a petition. then run up to city fall with pitch forks and torches ablaze. history will look back at this moment like as a Salem witch trial. congratulations to the church for pushing more young souls away, avoiding fanatics.

If churches want to control government, then they need to pay taxes, PERIOD. Church leaders, churches, and religious organizations, should have no ability to make government decisions, they DON'T PAY TAXES. Churches are using their TAX EXEMPT status to force religious laws on taxpayers, that is purely wrong.

Hear Hear!!

Stupid, insane holy rollers! What is it your business whether or not gays' spouses are allowed any types of benefits. I know gays who have been in monogamous relationships longer than ALL of the heterosexual married couples I've known, including myself! They're people, too. It takes a hetero couple to make a gay baby, so figure that one out, you disgusting haters. You should be the ones rotting in hell right now. I stand behind MY vote on behalf of the gay community, & I stand behind the mayor!

You may not see; at least try to understand what I am here to TELL YOU. Mayor Cook fears the LORD. Happy to tell you he is a happily married MAN with a Beautiful and WONDERFUL WOMAN. As the bible describes in Genesis 2:22-25. So be it!!! I also stand behind the Mayor when ever he decides to do what is right for EL PASO.

This saga with Mayor Cook reminds me of the story of Moses and the Pharaoh Ramses. Very recalcitrant and deserves all the punishment. As far as him resigning don't hold your breath.

However, he usurped the voters rights and has to pay the price. I predict in the end he will be voted out of office. Good riddance!

Good news Guys the restraining order has been lifted.

He was great as Bulldog on the TV show Frazier.

A recall on the mayor would send a strong message to the community, that those downtown in city hall and commissioners office are not above the law. Regardless of your feelings for T. Cabellaro and Leeds, they are supporting the will of the voters,(same ones that voted all these payasos into office).

Mayor Cook, you promised us no new taxes, but you allowed the free reign of government agencies to tax the hell our of El Pasoans. After you got away with that, you thought you were untouchable. Now you know we don't want you as a Mayor. Back Stabbing the very principles you rode into office with. Incompetence is something you will be remembered for. Let it be written, Let it be done. The will of the people rule!

If there is anyone who is trying to play God,
it is the CROOK. He thinks he alone knows what is best for El Paso. NOT. We can think for ourselves and we know you Mayor must GOOOOOOO

Uh-oh . . . . think the mayor is desperate? Let the games begin as Ms. Caballeros said and let the people carry the torch to begin the games!!! GAME ON MR. MAYOR, MR. ORTEGA AND MS. BYRD.

So why do we bother voting when Mayor C(r)ook & his city council cronies just veto what they don't agree with then go to great lengths to stop anyone from challenging them?

crook's days as mayor are numbered like the hairs on his head. not many.

Mayor Crook once again cant accept the will of the people.

The Mayor is a Crook plain and simple.

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