Eastwood's Lunch Problems

POSTED: Wednesday, April 14, 2010 - 7:09pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 - 6:58pm

El Paso, TX - Extra security guards lined the walls at Eastwood High School today. They're trying to crack down on students jumping the walls and darting into traffic on Montwood. A neighbor we talked to who wished to remain anonymous says the students are dangerously wreckless.

"When they cross the street, they don't pay attention to how big or how large the traffic is at the lunch hour," she said. "And I have seen them kind of horse-playing in the middle of the street before going to the lunch trucks that are parked in the church parking lot."

Students say increased school security should help crackdown on the jaywalking but the most useful solution would be to add a crosswalk closer to the lunch trucks.
"I think that maybe we should have a crosswalk here, so we could just cross right here," Eastwood student Sean Petty said. "Cause we wanna get our food as quickly as we can cause we only have 20 to 40 minutes for lunch."

The students' neglect of the posted traffic laws have also led to an increase in police officers patrolling the area.

As for the neighbors, they just hope the students will stop ignoring the traffic laws.

Eastwood principal, Debra Baker, said she acknowledges the problem and hopes to have a new crosswalk in the area by next school year.

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this is all true im a student at eastwood and i hate wasting my time walking around the school to get my food when u can go through the field and go right across the street to the burrito trucks.

I am so glad you featured this story because someone was going to get hit but there is more to the story. Those mobile food trucks are not suppose to be within 1000 feet of a school. Those trucks are not in compliance. At the start of school they were at the back of the church parking lot but have slowing inched closer. The health department was notified but nothing has been done. I hope you will look into this violation too.

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