El Paso Jewish Temple Holding Fundraiser for Juarez Orphanage

POSTED: Monday, August 8, 2011 - 1:58pm

UPDATED: Monday, August 8, 2011 - 6:04pm

EL PASO- A center in Juarez that cares for disabled orphans has been affected by the violence there.

Because of the dangerous situation, many of those who donated to the center left, leaving the organization without money to house many more disabled children who desperately need help. Now, a Jewish temple in El Paso is holding a fundraiser and they're inviting the community to be a part of it.

"Los Ojos De Dios is family for orphans, disabled orphans that are left every day in the streets of Chihuahua," said the founder of "Los Ojos De Dios", Patricia Silis.

Patricia saw that there was no one in Juarez to giving orphans the care they needed, so in 2008 she and her husband founded "Los Ojos De Dios ", the eyes of God.  "We sold our home. We sold our car. We sold everything we had and our life now is very simple and everything went into the orphanage," said Patricia.

Patricia says the violence in Juarez has forced many of their benefactors to flee the city. So donations are down and the couple can’t afford to take in more than 30 children who are on a waiting list.  "We have 30 children right now. We have our infrastructure ready to take in 60 children at this point," said Patricia.

Organizers at Mount Sinai have been working for the past four months to put together a fundraiser to help out "Los Ojos De Dios".  "We’re going to be having different pieces of artwork from some local El Paso artists. We have gift certificates from various local restaurants as well as local spas and stores," said fundraiser organizer Danielle Scher.

The much-needed funds will help pay for the special care that the children receive, since most of them have neurological disabilities.  "Cerebral Palsy, missing members of the body, blind children, hyperactive, autistic. We even have a little girl with 10 percent of her brain," said Patricia.
The main goal of "Los Ojos De Dios" is to find families for these children, either in Mexico or in the U.S. Until they find a home for each one of them, they need the public's support to give these children the care they desperately need.  "We started the project. We are the vehicle, but the gas, the fuel that makes it work is the community. There's no way we can do it, just the two of us,” said Patricia.

The fundraiser takes place at Temple Mount Sinai tomorrow night. That’s located in West El Paso at 4408 North Stanton Street. The event takes place from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

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Im a jorunalist....I need to interview a Jew that can give his opinion about the Border problem in terms of insecurity...(living in ELP or Juarez)

is for the Uvdá Keshet productions from Channel 2 in Israel


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