Franklin Football Star Arrested for Assault

POSTED: Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - 10:23pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 5, 2010 - 5:42pm

EL PASO - Logan Mansfield, a senior defensive tackle for Franklin High School has been released on $1,500 bond.

Mansfield was arrested Wednesday after being charged with misdemeanor assault.

He's accused of punching another player after practice.

The 17 year-old All-District lineman will be charged as an adult.

Cesar Carreon, a junior on the team, says Mansfield punched him in the face after a brief verbal confrontation.

Carreon was sent to the hospital and released with injuries to his left eye.

Carreon's father pursued the charges with EPISD police.

EPISD told NewsChannel 9 Wednesday  evening, "The district does not tolerate any bullying or hazing. The situation will be immediately handled. (The action) will have legal consequences and school discipline."

Still no word on any disciplinary action against Mansfield.

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I only hope that this is fully investigated and the facts revealed. I saw a very slanted news story on KFOX last night and it sounds like the other stations are jumping on the band wagon. Weak even by El Paso "news" standards. Does anyone know that the 'victim' severely beat a smaller boy earlier in the year? Does anyone know if the 'victim' was actually the bully in this case and if the defendant was only acting in self defense? Let's get all sides of the story before jumping to conclusions.

there has to be more to it than this little confrontation. i say test the boy for steroids or any other type of drug. these football players seem to get away with alot, and that should definitely not be tolerated. TEST THE BOYS.

It is easy for people to judge the boy in question when only one side of the story is being told. Throwing words like "deviant" and "bully" are not apporpriate without all sides being heard. Furthermore, what does being well to do have anything to do with the type of punishment he receives. Those types of comments are not only ignorant but the reason media stories get sensationalized.

I didn't read anything that came close to "sensationalized". I am simply well aware of how things are "handled" at Franklin. I assure you, no ignorance here.

as always there is more to the story, that the meia would like for you to know..also there is more to the story the the "alledge victim" is telling..

Are this deviant's parents well to do? If so, a slap on the wrist will be all he gets. It's the Franklin way. We'll see what "punishment" this bully actually gets.

Which one are you calling a deviant? The one using this as a way to get some air time on the news, or the one who was defending himself? If you are talking about the one who got arrested, the answer is no, they are not well to do. Just another example of the man tryin to keep the po' folks down.

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