WWE Superstar Turns Hobby Into Side Business

POSTED: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 6:46pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 8:20pm

A WWE Superstar who lives here in El Paso has a side business but it has nothing to do with wrestling. Vickie Guerrero turned her scrapbooking hobby into a business. It's something she enjoys doing because she says scrapbooks makes people's special memories come to life.

In the WWE, El Paso native Vickie Guerrero has brought fans some unforgettable moments. In real life, the mom of two helps people preserve their most precious memories through her scrapbooking business. "I got into scrapbooking when my daughters were maybe two years old. I started collecting photos and memorabilia from things they were doing in preschool and in church activities," said Vickie.

Eighteen years ago, she walked into a store in Tampa, FL and was hooked. "I fell in love with the whole process where they sold papers and embellishments and you could tell a story in a book, keep your memories preserved," said Vickie.

Vickie eventually opened a scrapbook store in Tampa, which closed after September 11th. But she continued making scrapbooks for friends, family and customers who didn't want their precious memories being boxed away. "In all realities, to have your photos in a shoebox, or under a bed where they're collecting dust, they're going to start decaying and turning yellow," said Vickie.

Vickie can turn a shoebox filled with pictures into a beautiful, original and organized scrapbook. It takes her about two months to get one done. With her busy WWE scheduled, it takes her about a day to make each page.

Scrapbooking is something she says relaxes her during her downtime at her home in El Paso. "Being in my home and being in my pjs and be able to work on my book," she says referring to how she relaxes.

Vickie's latest project: a shadowbox for WWE Superstars The Bella Twins. The superstars want to give their mom with their own personalized shadowbox.

Vickie has made shadowboxes for the Wrestlemania art show for the past five years. Her fans have taken a liking to her project. "When I meet them at Wrestlemania, they want to know where my projects are. We end up talking about it. They want to go see it and take pictures of it with me, so the word of mouth has gotten out," said Vickie.

Vickie's own scrapbook collection is up to 15 right now. "My scrapbooks consist of my daughters growing up so they have childhood scrapbooks. I have a wedding scrapbook from when Eddie and I were married," said Vickie.

And she wants to spread that creativity and introduce people to the hobby she loves. "My dream is to open up a scrapbook store with a coffee corner here in El Paso and to be able to open up a store and hold classes and be able to teach people to make their own books," she said. "The memories will stay forever, for their kids and their grandkids so it's a great idea to have the family memories preserved."

If you'd like for Vickie to put together a scrapbook, you can send her an e-mail at bookscrap1@aol.com. Her fee varies.


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