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Wind, Rain and Snow Hits the Borderland

POSTED: Thursday, December 30, 2010 - 6:53pm

UPDATED: Friday, December 31, 2010 - 1:49pm

The Borderland dealt with severe weather Thursday consisting of high winds and snow.  In Anthony, large snow flakes quickly fell along I10.

Before all the snow and rain, strong wind rolled into the Borderland.  A house on Atlas in Northeast El Paso had its roof ripped off. Winds also snapped a power line in half. There were several reports of power outages and flying debris.

People in Downtown El Paso had a hard time dealing with the strong wind. It managed to take a few people off balance as they made their way from one place to another. The wind blew around just about everything.
Trash was also blown around in several streets.

Over on the Far East Side, it was more of the same. There was lots of kicked up dust in the air, as palm trees bent under the breeze. An American flag also stood at attention and loads of debris rushed across a parking lot.

In West El Paso near Rim Road, the strong wind quickly blanketed this part of the city with dust. It also blew around trees and bushes in the area.

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Okay, Okay. It's just a little rain/snow mix. Drive slower and LET OFF THE GAS if you start to slide or skid. Don't use your brakes. You should see what we have up here in Iowa (I'm an El Paso transplant). Now, this is winter! Our high temperatures are way lower than your low. Anyway, enjoy it while you can and be smart/safe out there.

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